BLACK OVERDRIVE Demo Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Black Overdrive cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine


Peyoyo Records

This an interesting demo from Mexico City. Four motherfuckers playing the most obscured and doomed side of rock, and of course making homage to Black Sabbath’s legacy. It seems like most of them are old metal warriors and all have experience in music business, as all tracks are composed based in solid structures and great guitar riffs. Also, they move from punkish side (track “Getaway”) to a doomed rock side (tracks”Doomination” and “Misery Mountain”) and they always keep this sabbathian breath on every note. Also, they have the good taste to include mid-pace sections which sound heavy like balls of granite. The band has great moments like mid section of “War weather worshiper” and shows that even a doom rock band should have explosive guitar riffs. As aforementioned, this band features old warriors of Mexican scene, like Ivan Nieblas (El Diablo), Rene Villanueva (Mitika, Mara…), JC Pintor, and Angel Castillo. As far as I know, they are next to release a debut album. You should keep an eye on them. – Victor Varas

BUKOWSKI FAMILY Umpleasantries Abundant EP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

BUKOWSKI FAMILY Unpleasantries Abundant EP at Zombie Ritual Zine

BUKOWSKI FAMILY “Umpleasantries Abundant” EP

Artifical God Productions

Some months ago I reviewed an old EP from these crazy Hungarians and I remember they really leaved a good taste in the mouth. This is the new release and as I can see, they don’t like much long releases. Again, I find a very aggressive and solid death metal full of low tuned riffs and tenebrous melodies. Actually, I hear the sound of the band more consolidated as well as composition is based in horror concept and tenebrous stuff. They are quite influenced by brutal death metal, but I think they are still looking for a particular atmosphere. If you ask me, they composed an excellent track “Fountain of Woe”, which is a mid-pace melodic death metal fed by sinister lines and obscured atmospheres in the backyard. This is one of those tracks that catch the essence of pure death and rotten flesh. As aforementioned, this band is looking for an own sound and they are composing very interesting things. It’s recommended for those lovers of twisted bands. – Victor Varas

NECROMASS Calix. Utero. Babalon Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Necromass cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

NECROMASS “Calix. Utero. Babalon”

Funeral Industries

I think this is my first contact with the band and I’m plenty satisfied. Coming from Tuscany, Italy, these old warriors formed in 1992, and despite they only released a couple of full length albums and they disbanded in 1998, they are considered as a great black metal entity by some people of the underground scene. After many years of silence, this is their return, and believe me: is awesome. All tracks are forged in the most violent and obscured side of the genre, but they also know how to manage sinister melodies and ultra doomed guitar lines. If you ask me, they have the knowledge and the musical taste to create interesting sections full of dynamic melodies, without falling in childish pretentions. Also, I have to highlight guitar arrangements. Nachzerehrmara and J.C. Kerioth are two warriors with musical high skills, and they denote great technique on every note. My favorite is “Stellae Rubae” which is a mid pace opus with corrosive atmospheres and an Excellent guitar solo at the end of the track. It’s another old black metal entity you should listen before world fall into pieces. – Victor Varas

MAXXXWELL CARLISLE Full Metal Thunder EP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Maxxxwell Carlisle Cover Art


Power Dungeon

I’m quite impressed with this EP. At this point I have to say that the first time I heard the promo, it didn’t called my attention at all, and I passed to the next one. This is my second hearing, and now I’m enjoying a lot the high quality heavy metal forged in solid guitar riffs and pure iron attitude. Actually, everything is tied by a strong influence of NWOBHM sound, and before you say this is a childish fashion band, I’ll vomit your fucking face and say: this is not! These guys have personality as they know how to transmit good music in iron beats. Think of Manilla Road, Satan, as well as Judas Priest, Loudness, etc. Also, it seems like main composer Max is like a growing guitar hero that have good taste for soloing, shredding, etc, and he will not do any boring-long tail-full of exercises guitar solo on his work. This is a great EP full of energetic heavy metal for old skulls mother fuckers. That’s it. – Victor Varas

TOMBSTONERS Dissolution of Astral Order Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Tombstoners cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

TOMBSTONERS “Dissolution of Astral Order”

Self Released

I’m very impressed with these guys playing the most rotten and ugly side of death metal. It seems like they’ve been active since 2005 and after a promo demo, they released this piece of rancid and corrosive metal of dead. All tracks are based in solid guitar riffs, and everyone has a particular perspective of the Swedish death metal sound.  I really liked the ultra low tuned guitars as well as the aggressive structures, and I must say that everything is tied by a punkish atmosphere: this is the principal aspect for a real sound. This is obscured death metal and it doesn’t have any trace of forced wannabies. Vocals are extremely brutal, and the influence of throats like Van Drunnen, Greenway, Grewe, Rahmer, etc, is more than evident. These are four tracks full of destructive guitar riffs into the most atrocious tradition. It’s recommended to old skulls full of maggots that are still looking for new promises from the underground scene. The EP includes sticker, pin, & mini-poster. – Victor Varas

LECTAMYNOL Tools To Wield The Apes Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

LECTAMYNOL Tools To Wield The Apes cover art

LECTAMYNOL “Tools To Wield The Apes”


Despite a name that sounds like medicine tablets, these Belgian demons released a very interesting and chaotic debut EP. It seems like they like twisted lines and visceral sections throughout the compositions. Actually, all tracks sound visceral, violent and forged in chaos. For moments the band transmits raw improvisation full of distortion, and energetic guitar riffs. Also, it called my attention the way they included dissonant structures blended with absurd lines. The band transmits high levels of rottenness and corrosive mist, and I find it quite original because in specific moment’s music structures don’t let you know where you are standing on. It’s a very twisted, crude and experimental band of distinct black metal. I will hear again this promo in the future, just to grasp again the music. I swear on Satan. – Victor Varas

SKELETAL SPECTRE Vodoo Dawn Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Skeletal Spectre Voodoo Dawn Cover


Pulverized Records

Well, if you are looking for a new face of death metal sound, you should listen this piece of heaviness and putrefaction. This is the third album so far, and it is totally forged in Swedish sound with interesting elements coming from doom metal, D Beats, and a obscured punkish breath. All tracks are based in catchy guitar riffs and solid melodies, which is an important element in composition. Also, structures are simplistic, organic and effective. Vanessa Nocera (if you are involved in Death metal music, you should know who she is) has a great throat and left traces of flesh in the micro when recorded the album. I’m really impressed by her work, and I can say that I liked this caustic touch that gives strong personality and ominous feeling. Another aspect to underline is the doomed atmosphere found everywhere. This album is tied by great compositions, with no false pretentions or arrogant complexity. This is pure death/doom metal direct to your old and burned skull. – Victor Varas

ATOMIC HEAD March of the Urban Zombies Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Atomic Head cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

ATOMIC HEAD “March of the Urban Zombies”

DigMetalWorld Distro

After a demo and a discrete EP, these Chileans released this debut album and it truly sounds dirty as hell. As you see the cover art and the logo, you will notice that we are talking about a thrash metal band. Specifically, a Bay Area thrash metal band, with tons of influences from those old days. If you ask me, this album definitely doesn’t surprise me, although I have to mention that is a quite good production. All tracks have excellent guitar arrangements and seems like all musicians are experimented people doing the right thing. Also, is very noticeable the influence from Overkill and Exodus, inclusive vocalist Sebastián Galindo sings some specific sections very similar to those aforementioned. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old and my ears are getting more and more hairy, but this sound has been copied thousands of times and no matter how professional you are, you have to look for an own personality if you want to spotlight a thrash metal band these days. My favorite track is “The Punishment” which has the essence of old and ugly thrash metal vibes. It’s a recommended album for those who are into the new wave of good bands coming from Latin-American southern side. – Victor Varas

LUCIFERICON The Occult Waters 12’ MLP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Lucifericon cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

LUCIFERICON “The Occult Waters” 12’ MLP

Blood Harvest

I didn’t get much information about this dark beast from Netherlands. It seems like the musicians involved have been into black/death metal music since a long time ago, and they have the corrosive touch for this simplistic, solid and satanic MLP. I really liked the way they created melodic lines in specific moments, but they also included excellent sections forged in cathartic vibes and explosive guitar riffs. If you ask me, they sound totally immersed in European black/death metal, and of course they are looking for personality by giving another perspective to ominous lines and torturous sections. Also, I noticed a very old school in tracks like “Azazel’s Torch” which has slayerean breath. “Moon over fading Statues” is the master piece of the album. It’s a great track forged in obscurity, doom elements and cold feelings. After an acoustic intro, the track delivers excellent guitar lines and the epic sense is smelled everywhere. Middle section is notorious as it brings really inspired guitar riffs into oppressive notes and luciferian vibes. This track takes you to a trip into the dark side of unconsciousness, and breaks your mind like an open book. A very recomended five tracks opus I have here if you are curious about whats going on in dutch underground scene. – Victor Varas

EMBALMED Prelude to Satan’s War Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Embalmed Prelude to Satan's War cover art

EMBALMED “Prelude to Satan’s War”

American Line Prods

Thanx to Joel Morales I got this black entity full of evilness and holocaustic vibes. As many of you know, the band has been active since a long time ago and they have re located from Ciudad Juarez to New Mexico. I don’t think they have reached a high status in the underground scene, despite the material is quite good and well done. Also, they don’t have to be arrogant nor play melodies on their compositions. This is pure Armageddon and Satanic violence made to pluck your flesh away. The CD includes the 4 tracks EP “Prelude to Satan’s War” (2005), and as bonus tracks also includes 5 live tracks from a “Live in Hell with Satan”, in a show at Phoenix (1998). Yes, live recordings show intimate aspects from the sounds, and this band is really loud and crude. I can’t say that it’s the best live production I’ve heard from a black metal band, but this goes direct to the point and it seems like people liked very much. Think of holocaustic side of Beherit, early Impaled Nazarene, etc. This is chaotic music drowned in occultism, darkness and corrosive miasmas. Its recommended for old black metal demons. – Victor Varas