Album Review HOWLING GIANT Black Hole Space Wizard


HOWLING GIANT “Black Hole Space Wizard”


Duuude! It is authentic stoned music, made of pure solid guitar riffs and a corrosive spirit in adrenalized vocal lines. This piece of golden rock contains four long songs composed in cosmic atmospheres, hypnotic guitar solos and excellent concept under the flag of progressive rock in a weird form.

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Album Review ON-OFF Borderline


ON-OFF “Borderline”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great Italian band of soft and melodic rock n’ roll and it’s highly influenced by hard rock genre, AOR, and heavy metal. For moments this reminds me old albums of Extreme, Warrant, Poison, etc, so you know what is about this album.

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Album Review MY WOODEN PILLOW Uncomfortable

My Wooden Pillow cover art

MY WOODEN PILLOW “Uncomfortable”


This is not bad at all for a debut EP. Coming from Manchester, UK these guys recorded a quite good debut forged in hardcore elements, thrash metal and death metal. Of course you must know those genres, to get a decent hybrid, if you know what I mean.

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Wicked Inquisition album cover art

WICKED INQUISITION “Wicked Inquisition”

Tridroid Records

After many demos and EP’s, these guys finally decided to release a debut album and it worth every cent. Coming from Twin Cities, Minnesota, the band was created in 2008 and they based their music in many influences, mainly from doom/stoner metal with modern sound.

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Album Review BROKEN LINGERIE Lying Words

Broken Lingerie cover art


Dirty Chords Records

This sounds hard and heavy, and I like it. Coming from Madrid, Spain these girls have a great rock spirit running in the veins as they present five tracks full of solid compositions based in melodic hooks. Of course they have huge influences from punk/rock music ala Misfits, New York Dolls, Ramones etc, but they balance very well all elements with heavy touches of AC/DC.

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YERBADIABLO It doesn’t work Review

Yerbadiablo cover art

YERBADIABLO “It doesn’t work”

Atomic Stuff Records

This is an interesting experiment of fusion rock with influences from many sources. It seems like these guys have great experience playing for other bands, and here, they conceive great songs based in eclectic ideas from 70’s rock, alternative metal, blues, etc, and tied everything with good taste and prolific ideas (sung in English and Spanish) where you can hear sax, harmonica, polymorph-psychedelic keyboards, and a lot of honesty.

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