SCREAM IN DARKNESS In an Hour of Bloody Sacrement Review

Scream in Darkness cover art

SCREAM IN DARKNESS “In an Hour of Bloody Sacrement”

Self Released

I really like when underground bands do the appropriated things for promote their work. I received a physical copy of the album and I can say that the devotion of this band for their music is evident since I see a luxury digi-pack edition in a very professional care.

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ROCK PROSPECT Zine (Russia) No. 22 Review

Rock Prospect Zine issue 22 review

ROCK PROSPECT Zine No. 22 (Russia)

Good fellow Gorbanev, from far and cold Mother Russia land sent us his printed fanzine, and included some promos, souvenirs and a pack of cigarettes. Yeah!! Honestly I don’t smoke nor do read Russian language but I really appreciate his kindness as all promos are good and I enjoyed them pretty much. Here we have issue 22 and despite of I only can read bands names, I have to say all is been improved since last issue. For instance the cover is professional printed and editorial design is pretty much better, as well as adds sections, etc. The 42 b/w pages are very well done. Chats with PHLEBOTOMY (Russia), CAVANDISH (Rusia), TRUNAR (Russia), INCINERATION, KOGAI (Russia), ILLOGICIST, RIOTOR, Flo from THRASH ATTACK zine (Germany), SEPTORY (Russia) y DISGOD (Russia). Includes almost 70 reviews between demos, CDs, zines and DVDs and seems to be very deep and interesting. I promise to get a properly translator dictionary for next time. – Zineaholic

Contact for sure answer : Gorbanev A.D. Lenina 22 – 26 Velikie Luki 182100 Rusia. rockprospect(arroba)