Album Review MIDNIGHT RITES Tales From the North


MIDNIGHT RITES “Tales From the North”

Sade Records

This is not bad at all for a debut album. Formed by a duo from Sweden and Spain, this new entity offers a high quality death/black metal, quite melodic and aggressive. Continue reading

Album Review ALPHA TIGER Beneath the Surface

Alpha Tiger cover art

ALPHA TIGER “Beneath the Surface”

Sade Records

Originally released by Century Media Records in 2013, this is supposed to be a second opus for these Germans, although they’ve been active since 2007 as SATIN BLACK, when they were more oriented to thrash metal genre.

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The Beast and the Sentinel cover art


Sade Records

Yep, the label says the truth in the flyer’s text. As far as I know this is the first time a Mexican heavy metal band shares a split production with a Spanish one. Both of them are quite different and although they play different kind of heavy metal, the importance of this historic piece of iron is remarkable.

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VöNBASTARD Rotting City Review

VonBastard cover art

VöNBASTARD “Rotting City”

Sade Records

This is another CD I purchased directly from the band in an show in Mexico City. It’s simple: if you are going to play hardcore-punk music you have to make it raw, rotting and ugly, and these guys made it.

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ANGELES Y DEMONIOS The Years of Metal Review

Angeles y Demonios The years of metal cover art

ANGELES Y DEMONIOS “The Years of Metal”

Sade Records

I met about this heavy metal band because of vocalist Patrick, who was part of the band Doomsday few years ago. Yep, this is one of those recordings that make you think “Why I didn’t bought this piece of shinny metal, before?” Actually, it’s a second album and the band stands straight and strong in Mexican scene.

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VOLTAX Hiding into flames Review

Voltax cover art

VOLTAX “Hiding into flames”

Sade Records

I’ve been fan of these guys from the beginning. I really think that they gave a good breath of fresh power to Mexican heavy metal scene in all their releases including the demo, and now they are in the highest status. They haven’t changed this true old school sound forged in iron guitar riffs and pure heart of steel, a heritage of big names like Running Wild, Armored Saint, U.D.O,  (old) Judas Priest, Iron Maiden (just listen to those “twin guitars”!!), Pegazus, etc. And of course, an incisive spirit of NWOBHM in every note.

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The Beast and the Sentinel split record is out now!

The Beast and the Sentinel flyer

Sade Records released “The Beast & the Sentinel”, a split record with the Mexican band STEEL SENTINEL and WILD.

This is the first split record in the history of heavy metal, between a Spanish and a Mexican band!

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STEEL SENTINEL Feel the Power of Metal Review

Steel Sentinel Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

STEEL SENTINEL “Feel the Power of Metal” EP

Sade Records

Well, as the title says, this debut mini album is done for all of you who can feel the power of heavy metal. Coming from one of the best places to spend your vacations in México: Cancun, these young guys released this piece of solid heavy metal, and I must say that they have musical influences from different sources, and they mix 80’s American heavy metal sounds with charismatic guitar lines ala NWOBHM. The result is very effective and I liked very much because they make good songs full of melodies, solid heavy metal riffs and excellent structures. Also, all choruses are sticky and well performed, so you can expect a live show full of energy and sweat. There are two or three aspects they have to fix, like the musical skills of the drummer, and some particular points on vocals which sometimes sound out of tune, but the band sounds pretty decent and has a big personality. Also, they can’t hide the huge influence from Voltax, which is another excellent heavy metal band coming from México, but Steel Sentinel must find an own sound and develop a particular style. Anyway, I think they are working on that right now. As I said before, this is a great debut release from Mexican underground scene and I’m sure I’ll read this name on bigger festivals in the future. It’s a matter of time. – Victor Varas

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ENVENOMED (Mexico) Review

Envenomed Venomous Decay Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ENVENOMED “Venomous Decay”

Sade Records

Well, we open this bloody year with more reviews and more underground material from all over the world, for all of you little cunts!! After the past holydays, I hope you and your livers are ok now, and ready for more metal. Hehehe!! These guys surprised the Mexican underground scene by delivering an EP called “Temple of the Morbid Innards” which called the attention of everybody, two years ago. At the end of 2012 they released this piece of solid thrash metal forged into the fastest, aggressive, and crunchy guitar riffs of the year. They developed a great sound, and of course is based on the guitar work, as every track comes with high quality structures, and all have own personality. I liked very much how they climbed a mountain of influences, and found a point where they sound as a solid band without childish falls. They have many musical resources, and created the wall of sound rooted in the Germanic assault in the end of 80’s. Specifically from Mille Petroza and Cia, but they also added some sprinkles of hard corish stench, and even punkish stuff, like in “Fatal Exposure”. The shape is completed with totally twisted drum rhythms and furious vocals. This result is excellent and I think they must be considered as a strong representative for what is coming in Mexican new generations of thrash metal, besides bands like Strike Master, Piraña, Disgrace, Venomous, etc. I have no more to say. Buy this shit, open a can of beer and enjoy! – Victor Varas