Sidus Tenebraum Born from the Dark Rib Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

SIDUS TENEBRAUM “Born from the Dark Rib”

Suffering Jesus Productions

When a new style comes out normally who makes a review take a side, but this time I will try to be moderate/neutral, but I don´t think I can. I tend to be weak when it´s about black thrash music (so fashionable this days), but these Italians perform an interesting mixture; old sounds like Kreator, Sodom and Bathory with the “modernity” of Immortal and Mayhem. The guitars going straight to the point, the drums are powerful and the voices are shrill in a variety of ranges. In some songs the group loses some points for one reason; not in the whole disc they are able to fuse all those styles, by occasions it sounds like black metal, in others like thrash metal and these changes are very distinguished. Besides that, the band presents us in a very decent way their musical proposal. By the way forget the CD cover, it´s horrible, but the content is interesting. – Aztec Blood (Translation by Luisa Moonster)