STELLAR MASTER ELITE II: Destructive Interference Generator Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Stellar master elite at Zombie Ritual Zine

STELLAR MASTER ELITE “II: Destructive Interference Generator”

Exciter Records

This is an excellent piece of black metal forged in flames of occultism, fog and doomed tunes. Coming from Germany, these musicians recorded the second manifestation with intense power and mystical atmospheres which landed in great guitar riffs and oversized dark. Actually, all structures are basic and seems like they go right to the point, but they also give opportunity to the compositions to look for sophistication and classic vibes. Also, the music takes your perspective of aggressive tunes and it shows a deep place of your mind. All instruments sound clear and have great arrangements, tied by a kind of cosmic atmosphere (if you know what I mean) and ominous guitar lines. This is the kind of albums that are influenced by old doom metal acts like My Dying bride, Anathema, etc. But, they are also quite influenced by progressive rock, and some tracks include interesting intros with chords, acoustic arpeggios, etc. The band steps into modernity, and they don’t fall into mistakes. They have really good tastes. It’s a black metal recommended for every matured metalhead, 40 years older at least. – Victor Varas.