Album Review INHUMAN Conquerors of the New World


INHUMAN “Conquerors of the New World”

Satanath Records

Awesome! Now, my neck is broken because I tried to headbang with this hyper-complex death metal from Costa Rica. All tracks are extremely crooked, with tons of guitar riffs, fast scales, and atypical musical arrangements.

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Album Review CRYPTOPSY The Book of Suffering Tome1

Cryptopsy cover artwork

CRYPTOPSY “The Book of Suffering (Tome1)”


As far as know, this Canadian legend decided to release self-produced material since some years ago. This time they are back with one of the most technical, fast and intense EP I heard this year.

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Album Review THE PRAGMATIST The Inevitablity of Disaster


THE PRAGMATIST “The Inevitablity of Disaster”

Imbecil Entertainment

I’m quite impressed with the high quality of this EP album. It contains 9 short length tracks full of a very well-conceived mix of death metal and grindcore, with tons of tempo changes and high doses of technical stuff.

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Album Review REPULSIVE DISSECTION Church of the Five Precious Wounds


REPULSIVE DISSECTION “Church of the Five Precious Wounds”

Sevared Records

Here we go again with another hyper fast and technical death metal band. This time we are talking about a massive massacre forged in different countries: UK, Ukraine, Japan and Sweden, and it truly make your ears bleed due the high octane quality.

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Album Review WILL ‘O’ WISP Inusto

WILL O WISP cover art

WILL ‘O’ WISP “Inusto”

Nadir Music

Don’t confuse this progressive band from Italy with the gothic band Willow Wisp from Hollywood, California. We are talking about a band formed in 1992, in Ligury, Italy and features people from Antropofagus, Dark Lunacy, among others, so you can imagine that all of them have huge experience in metal music.

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Album Review PROFANITY Hatred Hell Within

Profanity cover art

PROFANITY “Hatred Hell Within”

Rising Nemesis Records

This band is awesome. For those who are looking for excellent technical death metal in European underground, this band is been active since 1993, and I bet only few of you know about them.

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