UNKURED As Reality Melts… Review

Unkured cover art

UNKURED “As Reality Melts…”

Self released

Hell yeah!! Five tracks are enough to show a great band doing an excellent job. After many demos, finally the band released a first album in the form of an EP and I’m totally stuck to it. This is a well balanced hybrid forged in death and thrash metal, and I have to say that it impressed me because of high-octane guitar riffs and complex structures.

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Solace of Requiem The Great Awakening

SOLACE OF REQUIEM “The Great Awakening”

Watch out this guys!! I mean, they fuckin’ know what they’re doing since they’ve been since 90thies (under the name Sarcophagus) Despite this is the third full length so far, we notice excellent and mature ideas from old skull rotten death metal. Listening to old material, I think they’ve increased their technical level and from time to time the music have progressive moments like in “Those born to suffer” or opening section at “Scorge of ville” They don’t skimp on brutality but also have the balance point with slow ambient-taste sections, or the interesting “Perspective from the tesseract” which shows a very cool composition of classical (plus a touch of flamenco) guitars. The album was produced by Andy Classen, and I think he is also part of that punch.  Very cool album finding this taste of chaotic progressive- technical death metal in the vein of 90’s metalheads  (you know who you are!!) Hope to see them in a live show someday up there in Virginia Beach. – Victor Varas