Thy Only Forgotten Mythos Daemonium Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

THY ONLY FORGOTTEN “Mythos Daemonium”

Lux Inframundis

For me is clear that this band is very different from The Chasm, although some members have been involved there. Of course, both bands share something more than that, I mean, they share almost the same perspective about creating obscured music, dark death metal, and that’s the mean paradox inside the sound above their musical projects, that’s why some of you would say that the style is pretty similar. Don’t expect understanding these mystic lines at the first contact; the music itself is a challenge for your conscious and it may get a connection between listener and these sonic atmospheres. Full of lamentations, and twisted vocals, the last track called “Dark Angel of four wings” is one of the most obscured opuses I’ve ever heard with the theme of diabolism. The track also contains excellent guitar riffs and some melodic epic lines that cause friction with my state of mind; and this is just an example for the sonic trip you will catch with the CD. My favorite is “Of Eternal Tolls” which is a real voyage into occultism and the wall of unconsciousness, through excellent guitar lines, epic melodies, doomed heavy metal, and utterly obscured vibes. Every fucking note is played between madness and depressed/dramatic moments. This album is excellent.  – Victor Varas