TOMMY TALAMANCA Na Zapad review at Zombie Ritual Zine


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I never thought this would be a solo Project from the guitarist of SADIST, one of the most famous Italian death metal bands. Actually, I know he is also a virtuoso session player, audio engineer and producer, and he has extremely good taste for progressive music, and jazz stuff. This is his debut solo album and it’s a great musical adventure as he mixes elements from progressive music, metal music and jazz, and everything is tied with an interesting perspective of atmospheric spiral tunes. For example, track 6 (sorry, I don’t have the name) is a totally a sonic experience made by consistent elements in acoustic guitar, percussion, and a fresh breath of jazz standards. My favorite is track 9 which is a great piece of solid metal forged in hard rock, excellent guitar riffs and awesome solos. All music arrangements sound well balanced and quite professional. Tommy is a great musician and he knows how to transmit different states of mind through melodic lines, and in case you have the enough criteria (and leave aside for a moment extreme metal music) you will make a connection with interesting vibes and sonic textures. This interesting album is recommended if you are open-minded and if you have criteria for good music. True metallers sons of satan, get away!! – Victor Varas