Album Review HEATHEN BEAST Rise of the Saffron Empire


HEATHEN BEAST “Rise of the Saffron Empire”

Transcending Obscurity Distribution

This is another surprise for me, coming from India. These guys created a very interesting mix of holocaustic black metal and traditional instrumentation, with truly ethnic elements, and very good taste in extreme metal music.

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Album Review AFFLICTION GATE Dying Alone

Affliction Gate Dying alone cover art


Transcending Obscurity

“And then, I opened my rusted eyes, and death metal still was strong”. I’m glad to see this band growing in all aspects and everything about them points to become a new classic in French death metal scene.

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Album Review RECTIFIED SPIRIT The Waste Land



Transcending Obscurity India

Again, India’s metal scene left me speechless with a high calibre production. Coming from Assam, these guys composed an excellent hybrid of thrash and death metal, with modern sounds and high doses of progressive structures.

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Album Review AGAINST EVIL Fatal Assault

Against Evil cover art

AGAINST EVIL “Fatal Assault”

Transcending Obscurity India

The more I hear bands from India, the more I’m speechless. These guys released an excellent debut EP forged in heavy metal spirit and solid roots. Of course, we are talking about experimented musicians with high skills and good taste.

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Album Review ZYGNEMA What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete

Zygnema cover art

ZYGNEMA “What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete”

Self released

The more I hear bands from India, the more I get convinced that I have missed an important part of metal music in the world. These guys formed the band in 2006 and they present the second album, not bad at all. It’s nothing less than extremely groove thrash metal with high doses of hardcore elements and guttural vocal lines.

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Album Review ALBATROSS Fear from the Skies

Albatross cover art

ALBATROSS “Fear from the Skies”

Transcending Obscurity India

And there goes another band from India, sounding quite interesting, twisted and far from what we are accustomed to hear in metal music. Coming from Mumbai, this is a peculiar gang formed with veteran members from other bands, and seems to be a good proposal with distinctive tunes and concept.

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Album Review DORMANT INFERNO/ DIONYSUS Beyond Forgotten Shores

Dormant Inferno Dionysus cover art

DORMANT INFERNO/ DIONYSUS “Beyond Forgotten Shores”

Transcending Obscurity India

I think is my second encounter with Indian metal scene, but I have reviewed metal albums from Pakistan in the past and I already know the high octane stuff I’d find. This is nothing less than another high quality opportunity to taste metal music from both countries.

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Album Review BIOPSY Fractals of Derangement

Biopsy cover art

BIOPSY “Fractals of Derangement”

Transcending Obscurity India Distribution

Aaaaargh!! Now we are talking, dude!! Don’t confuse this Indian band with the other South Americans. Here we are talking about a really bloody and holocaustic death metal band from Mumbay.

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