UNDER FIRE METAL Fanzine Issue 14 (Mexico) Review

Under Fire Zine 14 review at Zombie Ritual Zine

UNDER FIRE METAL Fanzine Issue 14 (Mexico)

The last issue of this underground fanzine was launched two years ago, but I will rescue it from the collection because it is so worth, and is extremely interesting for those who claim worship black metal music. Jose Luis Cano, the creator of these truly black sheets is an old metal warrior, and besides he is a guardian of a massive vinyl collection, he has dedicated his entire life to the metal music, so, the knowledge is huge as hell. On this issue, he rescued some texts that he previously published in Resurrection Magazine (Mexico), and he added/corrected all the info. This is about the history of black metal music, and Jose Luis speaks since the very beginning of diabolic theme, into arts. The first section goes from Goethe and Milton in literature, to Wagner, Debussy, Paganini, Marschner, Liszt, Sibelius, Berlioz or Chopin in classic music. Then he jumps to Robert Johnson, Elvis, Beatles, Rollings, Stones, Zeppelin, just to land in truly satanic old bands in the 70’s, such as COVEN, JACULA and BLACK WIDOW. From here the list is quite huge, and Jose Luis analyzes different periods of time in Europe, as in America and Asia, until what he calls “The death of the genre” which is in the beginning of the 90’s. The singular sense of humor of this writer is notorious, and makes the reading quite simple and interesting. Also, he reviews some underground material from all around the world, and the document is completed. On the last pages, he also included an interview with Steve Sylvester (Death SS) by Daniel Müller, and I must say that it’s a jewel itself. As always, this fanzine comes with a CD-R full of audio samples. Excellent work!! As extra info, for those who throw curses and spells to the Editor, you will have to wait a little more, because he is almost finishing a book with all these material, and soon will be out. – Victor Varas



UNDER FIRE METAL Fanzine Issue 13 (México) Review

Under Fire Metal fanzine No. 13 Zombie Ritual Fanzine

UNDER FIRE METAL Fanzine No. 13 (México)

This underground document has now 3 years but it deserves to be reviewed as contains tons of important info. On this issue is dedicated to Brazil metal underground and believe me well worth. Which other printed fanzine dedicates the whole issue to names like AZUL LIMAO, HARPPIA, CHAKAL, MUTILATOR, DORSAL ATLANTICA o SEXTHRASH? Following the same format as always, editor Jose Luis Cano delivers a much documented issue where he reviews a huge number of underground Brazilian bands which didn’t were known in México and I’m pretty sure even Brazilians don’t remember either. Editor’s style makes easy and very entertaining reading, staying away from clichés and writing in an entertaining and anecdotal way. At the end he also reviews new items like MILITIA, METALUCIFER, CANNON (Yes, the German band), BREAKER, or KUBLAI KAN, just to name few and so you can see where he is standing. The fanzine as always includes a CD-R compilation where editor shares some samples of reviewed albums.
Just for Die Hard zine collectors of course. Written in spanish.- Zineaholic (Translation by Luisa Moonster)

P. S.  I wonder, why he don’t include interviews anymore?

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