Album Review KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR Reborn from the Ashes

Korgull the Exterminator cover artwork

KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR “Reborn from the Ashes”

Ván Records

Don’t confuse the title of the album with the fanzine of Tony Juarez. This band preserves Punk influences, Motörhead influences and black metal roots.

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ATTIC (Germany)

ATTIC The Invocation review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ATTIC “The Invocation”

Ván Records

For me is quite clear that these guys are ultra fans of Mercyful Fate, and they don’t hide it. Coming from Germany, the band formed two years ago and since the beginning they knew the direction would take the music. Of course, they know about solid guitar riffs rooted on the most obscured heavy metal, and created melodic lines influenced by old horror cinema, occultism, etc. But man!! The major influence here is the 30 years old career of Kim Bendix! ATTIC is like a Xeroxed copy of what is coming from the prolific mind of Kim, and don’t misunderstand me, because ATTIC is a really good band. But I’d prefer something with own personality, and not just a homage to this God of metal. The band has potentiality, musical resources and attitude. The vocalist is extremely good, and he uses and abuses to the limit his incredible flexible throat. Also, I really liked the way they included pipe organ intros, and a quite excellent horror atmosphere in almost all songs. My favorite is “The Invocation” which is an astonishing song forged in the fire of traditional heavy metal. The work of guitars is awesome and really transmits darkness and murky nightmares. Anyway, the album is not bad at all, although they must search for a real personality. – Victor Varas