ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE Darkness Sustains the Silence Review


ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE “Darkness Sustains the Silence”

Memento Mori

If you are familiar with Finnish death metal bands, surely the name of Decaying will ring your ears. Well, this band features some members from that band, and it truly has an eclectic touch forged in gloomy and ominous music.

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MIRTHLESS A Dirge for Your Suicide Review

Mirthless cover art

MIRTHLESS “A Dirge for Your Suicide”

Dunkelheit Produktionen

It seems like these motherfuckers truly have traces of obscurity, depression and gloom inside the veins. This is one of those albums that disturb you since the first track. The intro is a recording of a real funeral with laments, people crying, desperate screams, etc. Shit man!

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IN SILENT Potępienie Review

In Silent cover art

IN SILENT “Potępienie”


At the first sight, this band plays a very decent form of death metal with sprinkles of brutality here and there, and huge influences from solid heavy metal. All tracks are based in high octane guitar riffs, and there is a high level of complexity although the music sounds simplistic, effective and aggressive.

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IZEGRIM Congress of the Insane Review

Izegrim cover art

IZEGRIM “Congress of the Insane”

Listenable Records

First, I have to say that I’m impressed with this cover art. It’s one of those that disturb in the first sight. Coming from Netherlands, this blond girl and her mates composed an extremely aggressive hybrid of death and thrash metal, and all tracks are full of poisonous guitar riffs and complex structures.

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UNCOFFINED Ritual Death and Funeral Rites Review

UNCOFFINED Ritual Death and Funeral Rites cover art

UNCOFFINED “Ritual Death and Funeral Rites”

Memento Mori

Well, I can’t close my mandible while I’m hearing for third time this piece of obscurity and ominous death metal. Yes, now I know which is my favorite album of the year. Coming from UK, these motherfuckers conceived a great album of an awesome hybrid of doom metal and death metal.

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PIROSAINT Infected Brutality Review

PIROSAINTInfected Brutality cover 1

PIROSAINT “Infected Brutality”

DigMetalWorld Distro

PIROSAINT is one of those Chilean death metal bands that have been on the road for a long time, and they deserve to be recognized out their land. We are talking about people who have been involved in death metal music since early 90’s, and they have lived almost every change of trends since then.

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SCYTHE Subterranean Steel Review

Scythe Subterranean Steel cover art

SCYTHE “Subterranean Steel”

Primitive Reaction

For those who are familiar with Chicago’s metal scene, the name of Rick Scythe will ring your ears immediately. Yep, this is the continuation of musical work of the ex Ursurper’s axeman, and definitely don’t confuse with the other 100 bands with the same name.

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DEKAPITED Contra Iglesia y Estado Review

Dekapited cover art

DEKAPITED “Contra iglesia y estado”

American Line Records/Suicide Records

Thanx to Joel from AL Recs I got this piece of destructive thrash metal coming from Chile. They’ve been active since 2008 and this is their first professional EP. All tracks have the metallic spirit of thrash metal American old school that everybody already knows, and although I can’t say this is the most original stuff I’ve heard this year, the band has a particular taste of mixing Latin-American perspective with old stuff coming from Bay Area.

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