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Well, I’ve been very busy last two months, but soon I’ll post new reviews and shit.

For those bands and labels that sent promos:


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Zombie Ritual Fanzine online reviews are back


I just want to say sorry to all those bands/labels that are waiting for a review.

In the past month I had surgery and I’ve been recovering at home all this time, unable to write anything.

But, I’m back.

I’ll try to review all the belated material as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and your support.



Presentando el nuevo BLOG Zombie Ritual Fanzine


Aggressive Mutilator demo cover art


Self Released

Well, this piece of rancid, primitive and nasty metal impressed me since the first contact. I have to mention that the band sent me a properly promo pack with a tape, and they made clear that they really worship these old traditions in underground metal scene. Think of the most primitive side of old metal music, like Hellhammer, Sarcofago, Mystifier, etc.

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CRUCIFLICTION Heresy is met with fire Review

Crucifliction Heresy is met with fire cover art 1

CRUCIFLICTION “Heresy is met with fire”

Self Released

This is a very interesting material coming from Canada. I have to admit that at first it didn’t called my attention, and I almost classify wrong this piece of metal. Taking elements from different genres, like thrash metal, speed metal and heavy metal, these guys created a very solid album full of great guitar riffs, twisted lines and complex sections.

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VOLTAX Hiding into flames Review

Voltax cover art

VOLTAX “Hiding into flames”

Sade Records

I’ve been fan of these guys from the beginning. I really think that they gave a good breath of fresh power to Mexican heavy metal scene in all their releases including the demo, and now they are in the highest status. They haven’t changed this true old school sound forged in iron guitar riffs and pure heart of steel, a heritage of big names like Running Wild, Armored Saint, U.D.O,  (old) Judas Priest, Iron Maiden (just listen to those “twin guitars”!!), Pegazus, etc. And of course, an incisive spirit of NWOBHM in every note.

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Scriptorium Magazine from Cuba is spreading !

Scriptorium Magazine from Cuba

Scriptorium Magazine is spreading all over the world and USA.

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PRAYER OF THE DYING God’s Failed Creation Review

Prayer of the Dying cover art

PRAYER OF THE DYING “God’s Failed Creation”

Self Released

Yes, as many of you, the name of this one man band recalled me an Iron Maiden’s album. Well, this stuff has nothing to do with that album; this is a great piece of introspective black/death metal forged in ominous lines, high octane guitar riffs and huge creativity. Martin Ciappara is involved in many other black metal bands like Black Vulture, Luciferian Blood, Sarratum, and this is his solo project, which releases the fourth album now, not to mention many Splits and EP in the past since 2007.

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SPEEDBÖOZER album review

Speedboozer cover art


EBM Records

What a great surprise I got when I listened to first track of this album. This is thrash metal rude, fast and vertiginous. Somehow the sound is based in punkish elements, and stinks (in a good way) like an open sewer and with no mercy. The most important aspect of the band is the style of vocalist Count von Emoslayer, who definitely is a die-hard fan of Lemmy from Mötorhead.

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