BEYOND DESCRIPTION An Elegy for Depletion Review


BEYOND DESCRIPTION “An Elegy for Depletion”

Punishment 18 Records

Well, this is one of those albums that call your attention before you push play button. It seems like they are a living legend in Tokyo, Japan as they’ve been active since 1988, and before you wonder what is going on here, I must say that this name is very well known in hard core/punk scenes from around the world. They play a rabid mix of thrash metal and hard core, which is very well balanced with spirit of punk and super violent guitar riffs. All tracks are short and right to the point and you will need some towels for your ears after bleeding. Vocalist Hideyuki Okahara is an important aspect of the band that gives a huge personality, and every track is performed with furious catharsis, a particular seal of the genre, if you know what I mean. As aforementioned, this is a great living legend that I’m sure some of you will recognize immediately. A great album with fresh and dynamic songs, full of old school elements and a punkish perspective of thrash metal music. It’s highly recommended. – Victor Varas

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