Heavy Metal Reviews with O

OMISION  (México) “In the shadow of the cross”
OCTOBER FALLS  (Finland) “A Collapse of Faith”
OYABUN (France) “Gods & Dogs”
OPVS LEVIATHAN (Colombia) “I : O : I”
OLD THRONE (México) “Demo 2011”
OMINOUS YUM CIMIL (México) “Ancientdemons’s Cult”
OVERTOPP (México) Demo 2009
OLD FOREST (UK) “Tales of the Sussex Weald; Part 3 (Andredsweald)
OCTOBER TIDE (Sweden) “Tunnel of no Light
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX (México) “The Spell of Damnation”
ODRAZA (Poland) “Esperalem tkane”
OSSUAIRE (France) ”Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile”
OBSCURE INFINITY (Germany) “Perpetual Descending into Nothingness”
ONE STEP BEYOND (Australia) “The Music of Chance”
OUTRE (Poland) “Ghost Chants”
OKTOR (Poland) “Another Dimension of Pain”
OVERTORTURE (Sweden) “A Trail of Death”
OGOTAY (Poland) “Dead God’s Prophet”
OVERDOZE (Finland) “Supreme Dosage”
ODYSSEA (Italy) “Storm”
ON-OFF (Italy) “Borderline”
ONSLAUGHT (UK)  “Power from Hell”
OLD CHAPEL (Russia) “Visions from Beyond”


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