OSSUAIRE Le Troubadour Necrophageophile Review

Ossuaire cover art

OSSUAIRE ” Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile”

Nihilistic Holocaust

This is supposed to be a reissue for the first demo of this French entity. Released in 2005, what we have here is a piece of morbidity composed in five ominous tracks full of furious death metal, brutal elements and touches of brilliant guitar arrangements here and there.

Of course it has thick roots in American old school from 90’s but I admit that these guys know what they are doing and definitely they have huge knowledge for the most frenetic and vertiginous side of the genre. Also, I don’t know if vocals are in native tongue but this sounds excellent. It also denotes a vocalist highly influenced by Dutch death metal; you know those deep growls and incendiary lines forged in blood, fire and pain. Thanx to the label this jewel from underground French scene is available again, in tape version for all those who cry like babies because this format almost has disappeared. It’s an excellent piece of solid and well conceived death metal coming from France. – Victor Varas



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