Heavy Metal Reviews with H

HIEMS (Italy) “Worship or Die”
HELLEBAARD (Netherlands) “Fier”
HUNTERS MOON (Australia) “The Serpents Lust” EP
HELLISH CROSSFIRE (Germany) “Bloodrust Scythe”
HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics”
HELL UNITED (Poland) “Aura Damage”
HAILSTORM (Poland) “Greyness”
HELLSPAWN (Poland) “The Great Red Dragon”
HELLCRAWLER (Slovenia) “Wastelands”
HELLHOUND (Japan) “Metal Fire from Hell”
HILOTZ (Spain) “Hil ala bizi”
HEIDRA (Denmark) “Sworn to Vengeance”
HAIDUK (Canada) “Spellbook
HELLBASTARD (UK) “Son of Bitches
HORNA (Finland) “Askel lähempänä Saatanaa”
HAGEN (México) EP
HELLKOMMANDER (Brazil) “Death to my Enemies”
HUMAN DEVASTATION (Mexico) “Condenación”
HEDLOK (USA) “Year of the Wolf”
HARLOTT (Australia)  “Origin”
HELL’S DOMAIN (Denmark) “Hell’s Domain”
HERETIC CULT REDEEMER (Greece) “Heretic Cult Redeemer”
HUMAN BUTCHERY (Mexico) “Psychotic Abduction”
HELLRAIDER (Chile) “The Time Has Come”
HORRIFIED (UK) “Descent into Putridity”
HOODED MENACE (Finland) “Gloom Immemorial”
HANDS OF ORLAC (Italy) “Figli del crepuscolo”
HELLGEIST (Italy) “Hellgeist”
HOLYCIDE (Spain) “Toxic Mutation”
HIGHWAY DREAM (Italy) “Wonderful Race”
HAMMER KING (France) “Kingdom Of The Hammer King”
HYBRID NIGHTMARES (Australia) “The Second Age”
HOTH (Portugal) “The Black Goddess Return”
HUMAN WASTE (Spain) “Harvest Remnants”
HYADES (Italy) “The Wolves Are Getting Hungry”
HEAVYLUTION (France) “Children of Hate”
HATEVOMIT (International) “Necrövömit”
HATECROWNED (Lebanon) “Newborn Serpent”
HELLLIGHT (Brazil) “Journey Through Endless Storms”
HYPERION (Sweden) “Blood of the Ancients”
HORRIFIC DISEASE (Japan) “Outbreak”
HYPERION (Sweden) “Seraphical Euphony”
HELLWAFFE (Poland) “Worship of Anxiety”
HEXENIZER (Germany) “Witches’ Mentors’ Cult”
HOWLING GIANT (USA) “Black Hole Space Wizard”
HEATHEN BEAST (India) “Rise of the Saffron Empire”
HUMANITY DELETE (Sweden) “Fuck Forever Off”
HERETIQUE (Poland) “De Non Existentia Dei”
THE HYPOTHESIS (Finland) “Origin”
HOSTIS (Montenegro) “Hostis”


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