Heavy Metal Reviews with U

UNCONSECRATED (Spain) “Awakening in cemetery”
UNFIT ASS (Hungary) “Absurd Reality/Flagging Water”
ULTIMATUM (México) “Ultimatum”
UNBURIED (USA) “Murder 101”
ULCER (Poland) “Grant Us Death”
UNCOFFINED (UK) “Ritual Death and Funeral Rites”
UNDER THE CHURCH (Iceland/Sweden) “Demo 2013”
UNDER ATTACK (Sweden) “High on Metal / The Aftermath”
UNREAL TERROR (Italy) “Hard Incursion”
UNKURED (USA) “As Reality Melts…”
UNKURED (USA) “Mutated Earth”
ULULATE (China) “Back to cannibal world”
UNDEAD (International) “Blood Enemy”
UNDER THE CHURCH (Sweden) “Under the Church” EP
URANIA (Portugal) “Hieros Gamos”
ULUUN (France) “Danke Dreiser!!!”
UNDER THE CHURCH (Iceland/Sweden) “Rabid Armageddon”
UNHOLY TRIUMPHANT (Ukraine) “Circulus Vitiosus”
UNHOPED (Finland) “Sonic Violence”

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