Heavy Metal Reviews with E

ENVENOMED  (True Envenomed) (México) “Temples of the Morbid Innards” EP
EVIL ONE (France) “Militia of Death”
ELVENSTORM (France) “Of Rage and War”
EVIL ENTOURAGE (México) “Desecrators”
EXTREME DEFORMITY (Hungary) “Internal”
EVIL LYN (Finland) “The Night of Delusions”
EVIL POETRY (México) “Signa Stellarum Nigrarum”
EVILHORSE (Spain) “Cabeza de Vaca”
EUGENIC DEATH (USA) “Crimes against humanity”
EXODIA (Spain) “Slow Death”
ENGULFED (Turkey) “Through the Eternal Damnation”
EMPIRE’S DARKNESS (México) “10 Años de Oscuro Metal”
EVIL ARMY (USA) “Evil Army”
ETHELYN (Poland) “Traces into Eternity”
ENTICER (Mexico) “Senseless Boring Life”
ENVENOMED (México) “Venomous Decay”
ESTAMPIDA (Argentina) “Crowd Control: The Jaws of War”
ENSHADOWED (Greece) “Magic Chaos Psychedelia”
EXTIRPATION (Italy) “Reverse of the Reality”
EMPIRE’S DARKNESS (México) “Poser’s Annihilator”
EXPURGATE (USA) “Dementia Tremens”
EASTFRISIAN TERROR (Germany) “Lever dood as slaav”
EXSANGUINATE (Canada) “Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture”
ESHTADUR (Colombia) “Stay Away from Evil and Get Close to Me”
EMBALMED (Mexico) “Prelude to Satan’s War”
EXTREME ATTACK (Ecuador) “…In the name of Thrash metal”
ENMACHINED (Bangladesh) “Thrash Assault”
EMBALMED (USA) “Brutal Delivery of Vengeance”
EXPULSION (Sweden) “Certain Corpses Never Decay”
ESKHATON (Australia) “Worship Death”
ENEMY (Colombia) “Cruda Realidad”
EYES N’ LIPS (Italy) “Porn star for president”
EATEN (USA) “Depraved”
EXORDIUM MORS (New Zealand) “The Apotheosis of Death”
EVILUTION (Poland) “Race of Hate”
EMBRIONAL (Poland) “Annihilation”
EVIL MACHINE “War in heaven”
EMPATIC (Poland) “Ruined Landscape”
EYE OF DESTRUCTION (México) “Power of the people”
EMBLAZONED (USA) “Eucharistiae Sacramentum”
EXXPERIOR (Germany) “Killing Entertainment”
ESCAPETOR (Norway) “Fear”
ELVENSTORM (France) “Blood Leads to Glory”
EMBRIONAL (Poland) “The Devil Inside”
EVILHEART (Mexico) “Quinquaginta”
EMERGED (Netherlands) “Letting Go Of Certainties”
ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON ( Bangladesh) “Black Thrash Bastards”
EMBRACE OF THORNS (Greece) “Darkness Impenetrable”
EVIL FORCE (Paraguay) “Ancient Spores”
ECTOVOID (USA) “Dark Abstraction”
ELVENSTORM (France) “Soulreaper”
EVIL WHIPLASH (Colombia) “Beyond Dimensions”
EDUCATED SCUM (Russia) “The Chaos Complete” Compilation
EXTERMINAS (Italy) “Dichotomy”
ESCARNIUM (Brazil) “Godless Shrine of Decay”
ENRAGED (Egypt) “Jahr”
EXALTER (Bangladesh) “Obituary for the Living”
EYESTRAL (France) “Beware the Rat King”
EVOKED (Germany) ”Lifeless Allurement”
ETERITUS (Poland) “Following the Ancient Path”
EPIDEMIA (Ecuador) “Leprocomio”
EX ANIMO (Ukraine) “Neverday”
ESCARNIUM (Brazil) “Interitus”
EUFOBIA (Bulgaria) “Eufobia”

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