Heavy Metal Reviews with A

ANAEL (Germany) “From Arcane Fires”
ACID WITCH (USA) Witchtanic hallucinations
(Russia) “I et Fjort Fortid”
ABADDON (México)Abaddon” 
ANACHRONAEON    (Sweden) “The futile Quest for Immortality”
AZAGHAL   (Finland) “Teraphim”
ALVHEIM (Russia) “I et Fjort Fortid”
AFFLICTION GATE (France) “Aeon of nox (From Darkness comes Liberation)”
ATARAXY (Spain) “Rotten Shit” Demo
ARCHETYPE (México) “Asylum”
ASPHYXER (México) “Demo”
ACRANIA (México) “Unbreakable Fury”
ANTON (México) “Monster Metal” EP
ANCESTHOR (México) “The Human Nature”
AGE OF WAR (México) “Ejecutor”
ANGEL DE METAL (México) “Grita Libertad”
ABYSME (USA) “Strange Rites”
ACRANIA (México) “An Uncertain Collision”
ALTVATER (Germany) “Chroniken”
APOCALIPSIS (México) “Apocalipsis”
ANTIGAMA (Poland) “Stop the Chaos” EP
ASTARTE (Greece) “Doomed Dark Years”
AEVLORD (France) “The Nomad’s Path”
ATARAXY (Spain) “Revelations of the Ethereal”
AZAGHAL (Finland) “Nemesis”
AGONY LORDS (México) “A Tomb for the Haunted”
ATTIC (Germany) “The Invocation”
ALBATROZZ (México) “Cancer”
AETHERIUM MORS (UK) “Drenched In Victorious Blood”
ARCANUM SANCTUM (Russia) “Veritas Odium Parit”
AT THE DAWN (Italy) “From Dawn to Dusk”
AXECUTER (Brazil) “Metal is Invincible”
AFFLICTION GATE (France) “Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions”
ANATOMIA (Japan) “Dead Bodies in the Morgue”
ARKHE (México) “Spirals of life”
ARROGANZ (Germany) “kaos.kult.kreation”
ANTIMASTER (México) “Antimaster”
ABYSSAL (UK) “Denouement”
ANOTHER FAILURE (USA) “Another failure in the making”
ASSAULTER (Italy) ”Crushed by Raging Mosh”
ALEA JACTA (Spain) “The Empire will fall”
ACHERONTAS (Greece) “Amenti…”
AGGGRESSOR (Mexico) “Release of Agression”
ATOMIC HEAD (Chile) “March of the Urban Zombies”
ABSINTHIUM (Italy) “One for the Road”
ARGUS (USA) “Beyond the Martyrs”
AVULSED (Spain) “Revenant Wars”
ABOMINANT (USA) “Onward to Annihilation”
AVULSED (Spain) “Ritual Zombi”
ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE (Finland) “Darkness Sustains the Silence”
ASHES OF CHAOS (Italy) “Eye”
ANCESTHOR (Mexico) “Beneath the Mask”
AGGRESSIVE DISORDER (Mexico) “Let the aggression begin”
AETHERIUM MORS (UK) “Entrails of the Soul”
ADRENICIDE (UK) “Natural Born Thrashers”
ARMAGEDON (Poland) “Thanatology”
ARTERIAL MIST (USA) “Draining your life”
AURORA BOREALIS (USA) “Worldshapers”
AXEGRESSOR (Finland) “Last”
ABYSSAL ASCENDANT (France) “Unleashing the Outer Plagues”
ASHURA (Italy) “Mindhood”
ANGELES Y DEMONIOS (Mexico) “The Years of Metal”
AVULSED (Spain) “Carnivoracity”
ALBOR (Brazil) “Unknown”
AGRESSOR (Brazil) “Demise of life”
APOCRYFAL (Finland) “Aberration of Mind”
APOCRYPHAL (USA) “Ritual Entombment”
ALBEZ DUZ “The Coming of Mictlan”
AGHOR (Estonia) “Necrolivonica”
ARMAROTH (Slovenia) “False Vision”
APOSTATE (Ukraine) “Time of Terror”
ASS (USA) “Work Sucks/ Speed Krusher”
ACERO LETAL (Chile) “Veloz Invencible / Duro Metal”
APOCROPHEX (USA) “Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar”
APHONIC THRENODY (Italy/ UK) “When Death Comes”
ANAL VOMIT (Peru) “Peste negra, muerte negra”
AURON (Russia) “Auron”
ALPHA TIGER (Germany) “Beneath the Surface”
ATOMIK DESTRUKTOR (Portugal) “Unnatural Disorder”
AMIDST THE WITHERING (USA) “The Dying of the Light”
AUSTERYMN (UK) “Sepulcrum Viventium”
ANATOMY OF I (Netherlands) “Substratum”
ALBATROSS (India) “Fear from the Skies”
ABYSSUS (Greece) “Summon the Dead”
A LIE NATION (Finland) “Human Waves”
AMPUTORY (Finland) “Ode to Gore”
AGAINST EVIL (India) “Fatal Assault”
ALFA ERIDANO AKHERNAR (Mexico) “Aztec War Metal”
ALL HELL (USA) “The Red Sect”
ARCHEMORON (Greece) “Sulphur and Fire”
ANGEL OF SODOM (Finland) “Divine Retribution”
ATERRA (Poland) “All born in pain”
ARMAMENT (India) “First Strike”
AVULSED (Spain) “Altar of Disembowelment”
AMEZARAK (Russia) “Diabolical Finale Mortum”
ALTARAGE (Basque Country) “Demo MMVXV”
ASTARIUM (Russia) “Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga”
AFFLICTION GATE (France) “Dying Alone”
ABYSMAL GRIEF (Italy) “Strange Rites of Evil”
AD NOCTEM FUNERIIS (Italy) “Satan’s March Black Metal”
ABYSMAL GROWLS OF DESPAIR (France) “Between My Dead”
AFTER APOCALYPSE (Italy) “After Apocalypse”
ANGEL DUST (Germany) “Into the Dark Past” (Re-issue)
AGRESIVA (Spain) “Eternal Foe”
AORNOS “Orior”
ADHUK “Rituals of Personal Universe”
AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR (Sweden) “Crushed by Tyrany”
AGGRESSOR (Mexico) “Bury your Idols”
ANTABUS (Finland) EP
ARCHITYRANTS (Brasil) “Black water revelation”
ARKANA CODE (Italy) “Brutal Conflict”
ASTARIUM (Russia) “Epoch of Tyrants”

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