Album Review ANATOMY OF I Substratum

Anatomy of I cover art

ANATOMY OF I “Substratum”

Punishment 18 Records

As a fan of Chuck Schuldiner and DEATH, I’m always looking for traces of his musical heritage in metal bands around the globe. Of course there are some copycats that make me sick and it doesn’t worth to mention, but from time to time there come some authentic gems from unexpected places.

This case is from Netherlands and it’s a master piece created in the mind of guitarist/vocalist Michael Dorrian. He dared to invite the living legend Steve DiGiorgio on bass guitar, and Dirk Verbeuren (ex-Aborted, ex-Soilwork) on Drums, and the result is simply awesome. This is forged in technical death metal, it’s full of complexity, metallic spirit and old school vibes. All tracks have a particular taste and sound quite balanced which is something rare to find these days. Also, the fretless bass instrument gives a peculiar sound very similar to my favorite album of all times “Individual Thought Patterns”. Of course this is because Steve recorded on that album in 1993. Drums are awesome and I must say that Dirk is one of the most versatile musicians I’ve heard on that instrument. This is an authentic jewel of progressive death metal and an excellent piece of enjoyable music for those who worship the genre and its founder. I admit that it’s my discovery of the year so far. Ultra-highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

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