Heavy Metal Reviews with S

SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT II (Finland) “Exalted Spectres”
SOLACE OF REQUIEM (USA) “The Great Awakening”
SATAN’S HOST  (USA) “Assault of Evil … 666” DVD
STORM KING (USA) “Angels of Enmity”
SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY (USA) “Objetive: Isolation”
SPLIT HEAVEN (Mexico) “Street Law”
STONE DEMONS (Mexico) “The Craft of the witches”
SOULEATER (Mexico) “Satanic Discharge”
SOULCIDE (Mexico) “Forged in Chaos”
STEVE SYLVESTER (Italy) “Free Man” + DVD “Gods of Metal”
SIRANNON (Turkey) “Semper Caliga”
STRIKE MASTER (Mexico) “Majestic Strike”
SARTORIUS (Mexico) “+Idea”
SUPPLICIUM (Mexico) “The Pleasures of Immuted /Doomed Zombies”
SUPRESSOR (Bolivia) “Enterrado Vivo”
STIGE (Italy) “Skar(N)ification”
SIDUS TENEBRAUM (Italy) “Born from the Dark Rib”
SHINING BLADE (Italy) “Touch the Night”
SECTORIAL (Ukraine) “Erase And Reborn The Humanity”
SEPTORY (Russia) “World War Chaos”
SENTINEL BEAST (USA) “Up from the Ashes”
SPARROWS (USA) “Mark of the beast. Indocrination”
SACRED STEEL (Germany) “The Bloodshed Summoning”
STONE MAGNUM (USA) “Stone Magnum”
STRIKE (Italy) “Back in Flames”
SIMPLE LIES (Italy) “No Time to Waste”
SYMPTOM (USA) “Opulent Atrocity”
SKINEATER (Sweden) “Dermal Harvest”
SKON (Slovakia) “At the End of a Journey” EP
SAVAGE ANNIHILATION (France) “Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries”
SLAUGHTERDAY (Germany) “Cosmic Horror” EP
Subconciente? (Venezuela) “Drama
SACRIFICIAL BLOOD (USA) “Unholy Fucking Hatred
SATAN (UK) “Life Sentence
SIXPOUNDER (México) “Ruled By Anger
STEEL SENTINEL (México) “Feel the Power of Metal” EP
SAKRIFICER (USA) “Relentless Torment”
SPLICE (France) “Mythological Deviance”
SAD EYES (Spain) “9Hob1A”
SURVIVAL (México) “Promo 2011”
SULPHUREA (Italy) “Tastes of Boundary”
SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes”
SPEED STROKE (Italy) “Speed Stroke”
SCENT OF DEATH (Spain) “Of Martyr’s Agony and Hate”
SEPTEM (Italy) “Septem”
SOLOTHUS (Finland) “Summoned from the Void”
STONE MAGNUM (USA) “From Time…to Eternity”
SHABBY TRICK (Italy) “Bad ass”
SARKRISTA (Germany) “The Acheronian Worship”
STEIK (Russia) EP “War with You”
STELLAR MASTER ELITE “ (Germany) II: Destructive Interference Generator”
SPANKING HOUR (Italy) “Divination”
SABACTHANI (México) “Melancholy Rage and Reflection”
SADIZTIK IMPALER (Singapore) “Triumphant Decimator”
SUPERHORRORFUCK (Italy) “Death Becomes Us”
SCARIFICARE (Portugal) “Postulado”
SOL NEGRO (USA) “Dawn of a New Sun”
SCYTHE (USA) “Subterranean Steel”
SEVENTH VEIL (Italy) “White Thrash Attitude”
SYMBOLIC (Germany) “Scarvest”
SCALPEL (USA) “Sorrow and Skin”
SORROWS PATH (Greece) “The Rough Path of Nihilism”
SHRAPNEL STORM (Finland) “We Come in Peace…”
SICK FAITH (Colombia) “Blinded Nation”
SKINLEPSY (Brasil) “Condemning the Empty Souls”
SPLIT HEAVEN (México) “The Devil’s Bandit”
SPIRITROW (Italy) “The Signs”
SMORG (UK) “A Morbid Chapter”
SCREAM IN DARKNESS (Russia) “In an Hour of Bloody Sacrement”
SATYRESS (USA) “Dark Fortune”
STEALTH (Italy) “Shores of Hope”
SPATIAL (Poland) “Silence”
SCOURGE (Brazil) “Hate Metal”
STEEL PROPHET (USA) “Omniscient”
SIEGE ( Italy) “Decay of Flesh”
SURVIVAL (México) “Rock & Roll Sacrifice”
SPINA BIFIDA (Netherlands) “Ziyadah”
SOMAN (Italy) “World on Fire”
SPARROWS (USA) “Mark of the Beast: Eradication”
STEEL INFERNO (Dennmark) “Arcade Warrior”
THE STICKY FINGERS LTD (Italy) “The Sticky Fingers LTD”
SACRAL RAGE (Greece) “Illusions in Infinite Void”
SEPTICEM (Mexico) “Pleasures of War”
THE SUFFERING (Mexico)  “Demo”
SEWERCIDE (Australia) “Severing the Mortal Cord”
SPEEDEMON (Portugal) “First Blood”
STEVE FOGLIA (Italy) “Steve in Wonderland”
SIGNALFEIDE (Norway) “Occupation Poetry”
SACCAGE (Canada) “Vorace”
SANGUS (USA) “Saevitia”
SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Finland) “A Birth in Death”
SOUL DAEMON (Italy) “Heretic Metal”
SUICIDE WATCH (UK) “Global Warning”
SATURNINE (Italy) “Mors Vocat”
SKITZO (USA) “Dementia Praecox”
SHRAPNEL STORM (Finland) “Mother War”
SIREN (USA) “A Kingdom Aflame”
SOURCES OF I (Bulgaria) “Faces”
SPEEDWHORE (Germany) “The Future Is Now”
SOULTHERN (Brazil) “Rock You ‘Till Die”
STORMWOLF (Italy) “Swordwind”
STEEL DIMENSION (México) “Solar Warrior”
SOIJL (Sweden) “Endless Elysian Fields”
SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (Mexico) “Unblessed”
SUFFERING (Poland) “Chaosatanas”
SOLIS OCCASUM (Russia) “Unholy Faces of Dead”
SPHERON (Germany) “A Clockwork Universe”
SHADOW REBELS (Israel) “Oversleep Hurricane”
SERPENTS LAIR (Denmark) “Circumambulating the Stillborn”
SOLOTHUS (Finland) “No King Reigns Eternal”
SKELETON WOLF (USA) “Skeleton Wolf”
STRANGULATE (India) “Catacombs of Decay”
SARCOPTES (USA) “Songs and dances of Death”
SACRED STEEL (Germany) “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”
SEWERCIDE (Australia) “Immortalized in Suffering”
SUNTERRA (Austria) “Reborn”

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