Album Review SOUL DAEMON Heretic Metal

Soul Daemon cover art

SOUL DAEMON “Heretic Metal”


This is a perfect example of what people can do just for the love to death metal music. Originally conceived as a bass project of Mark SoulDaemon in 1999, this band recovers old sounds from ancient death metal and black metal genres.

Of course it seems like getting a guitarist and a drummer was mandatory for the musical evolution, and those were included in debut album. They call themselves “Heretic Metal” as everything is tied by morbid feelings and depressive lines. All tracks are forged in primitive guitar riffs, sinister slow-tempo structures, and a particular dark atmosphere surrounding like clouds in a wall of sound. I really like the way they compose obscured tunes in basic structures, and they have a peculiar perspective of rottenness in music, if you know what I mean. All in all, this is a quite distinct debut album full of epic death metal tracks, and stuff almost experimental. It’s highly recommended if you are looking for different perspectives of death metal music in underground scene. As extra info, this album includes a cover version of “Twilight of the Gods” original from Bathory. – Victor Varas

PS. Nice cover art Btw

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