Heavy Metal Reviews with F

FARCRY (Hungary) “Slaves of Chaos”
FUNERAL WHORE (Netherlands) “Step into Damnation”
FREAKHATE (Spain) “It comes from the grave”
FROZEN DAWN (Spain) “The Old Prophecy of Winterland”
FERETRO (México) “Nueva Sangre”
FLESHDOLL (France) “Animal Factory”
FATAL IMPACT (Norway) “Esoteria”
FISHERMAN’S DEATH (Sweden) “Uncharted Waters”
FLAGELLANT (Sweden) “Maledictum”
FREEDOMS REIGN (USA) “Freedoms Reign”
FULL THROTTLE (Russia) “Roads of Life” EP
FUNEREAL MOON (México) “Rape of Holiness”
FESTERING (Portugal) “Exhumed”
FJORSVARTNIR (Denmark) “Legions of the North”
FERETRUM (Spain) “From Far Beyond”
FUNEST (Italy) “Desecrating Obscurity”
FÖRDÄRV (Sweden) “Between the Eternities”
FANGS OF THE MOLOSSUS (Italy) “Fangs of the Molossus”
FAMISHGOD (Spain) “Devourers of Light”
FOG (Italy) “Mors Atra”
FUNERARY BELL (Finland) “Graveyard Séance”
FREEDOMINATION (Finland) “The Stand”
FESTERING (Portugal) “From the Grave”
FORCER (Mexico) “Spirit of Metal”
FROM THE VASTLAND (Iran) “Blackhearts”
FUNEBRIA (Venezuela) “Dekatherion: Ten Years of Hate & Pride”
FIVE MINUTES HATE (Italy) “Explanation to Failure”
FAUSTTOPHEL (Ukraine) “..Sancta Simplicitas…”

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