FREEDOMS REIGN Freedoms Reign Review

Freedoms_Reign at Zombie Ritual Zine

FREEDOMS REIGN “Freedoms Reign”

Cruz del Sur Music

This is a great surprise from one of the original guitarist of Fates Warning. What I have here is an excellent debut album forged in sophisticated heavy metal very influenced by the most traditional and solid side of the genre, and also have a modern sound without false pretentions or plastic production. Victor Arduini is an old metal warrior and knows the real sound of heavy metal music, as he co founder Fates Warning in the middle of 80’s, and if I don’t mistake, he recorded a couple of albums in that time. This is the return to the highway as guitarist/vocalist, and mainly I found strong guitar riffs and very professional compositions with energetic lines, consistent attitude and charismatic solos. Vocals are an aspect that calls my attention because it seems that Victor is quite influenced by the sounds of Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Saxon, and many others bands coming from the so called NWOBHM. This gives personality to the band, and definitely fit perfectly to the whole idea. The band sounds great and tied, and if you ask me I’d say that they worked hard behind rehearsal’s room door. The guitar arrangements are another aspect to underline on this album, because sounds matured, particularly well produced and they make a corrosive sound that will dig on your ears like thousand demons. It’s a recommended album for USA’s heavy metal followers. – Victor Varas

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