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I just want to say sorry to all those bands/labels that are waiting for a review.

In the past month I had surgery and I’ve been recovering at home all this time, unable to write anything.

But, I’m back.

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DISFIGURED DEAD Relentless Review

DISFIGURED DEAD Relentless cover art


Butchered Records

I remember when I listened to the first album called “Visions of Dead”, I was pretty impressed because of the high octane guitar riffs and rotten “old school” structures. Actually, I think they follow same line on the new album, although they added more complexity to the music, and this definitely opens a new perspective to their sound. All tracks are tied by a rotten stench which sounds excellent and breaks bones. Also, the production helps a lot and everything sounds clear, crude and infernal.

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DEATH DEALER War Master Review

Death Dealer War master cover front


Steel Cartel Records

I don’t know if we can name this band as “superband” but, the music truly made me hard since the first track. Well, you can’t deny they have huge experience in heavy metal business if we see the bands where these guys have been involved, like Manowar, Cage, Ozzy Osbourne, Lizzy Borden, etc. And believe me: behind this incredible cover art, there is an excellent power metal band forged in the true essence of the genre.

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NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR Condemned to Rot Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Nuclear Aggressor Cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR “Condemned to Rot”

Punishment 18 Records

It seems like this young band has been very active since the beginning. After numerous split productions, EPs and demos, they released this debut piece of violence made of music. Think of the most explicit, explosive and deadly side of Kreator (old albums), Destruction, Whiplash or Infernal Majesty. All tracks sound extremely poisonous and deadly. If you ask me, they are quite familiar with old demons and everything is tied by a natural perspective of aggression and destructive attitude. Also, all guitar lines are really noisy, and this fit excellent to the recording. I know that some of you will complain desperately because of the “old school” thrash metal revival sounding here, but believe me, the band knows the business and they are good. My favorite tracks is “Ultra-violent Nightmare” which is a red track forged in rage, aggression and necrosis. Guitar riffs are completely chaotic and infernal. It will blow your head away. I hope to see more news from these guys in the near future. – Victor Varas



STELLAR MASTER ELITE II: Destructive Interference Generator Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Stellar master elite at Zombie Ritual Zine

STELLAR MASTER ELITE “II: Destructive Interference Generator”

Exciter Records

This is an excellent piece of black metal forged in flames of occultism, fog and doomed tunes. Coming from Germany, these musicians recorded the second manifestation with intense power and mystical atmospheres which landed in great guitar riffs and oversized dark. Actually, all structures are basic and seems like they go right to the point, but they also give opportunity to the compositions to look for sophistication and classic vibes. Also, the music takes your perspective of aggressive tunes and it shows a deep place of your mind. All instruments sound clear and have great arrangements, tied by a kind of cosmic atmosphere (if you know what I mean) and ominous guitar lines. This is the kind of albums that are influenced by old doom metal acts like My Dying bride, Anathema, etc. But, they are also quite influenced by progressive rock, and some tracks include interesting intros with chords, acoustic arpeggios, etc. The band steps into modernity, and they don’t fall into mistakes. They have really good tastes. It’s a black metal recommended for every matured metalhead, 40 years older at least. – Victor Varas.



MISEO The Dead Will Predominate Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Miseo The Dead Will Predominate

MISEO “The Dead Will Predominate”

Blacksmith Records

This is another interesting debut release and now we move on the map to land of Germany. We have here a power trio, full of musical skills and making corrosive death metal riffs. We are not talking about childish wannabes. The band is commanded by the old Swedish style with some particular sprinkles of brutality. Actually, all tracks sound solid, rotten and with great guitar arrangements. Also, the work of drummer sounds really aggressive and full of resources. No matter if the song claims for energetic sections or mid-pace sections, this guy plays consistent and hard. My favorite track is “Death List” which belongs to a sinister side of the genre. Rhythm section is excellent and it has different layers, perfectly tied with drum bass. All in all, this is a great four tracks EP you will enjoy if you are familiar with the most ominous, obscured and brutal side of the genre. – Victor Varas



ARGUS Beyond the Martyrs Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Argus Beyond the Martyrs cover art

ARGUS “Beyond the Martyrs”

Cruz Del Sur Music

Don’t confuse with Mexican cult band where Raul Greñas (Luzbel) recorded two albums in the 80’s. This American band is active since 2005 and they play the most epic, solid and heavy doom metal I have heard this year. Everything is tied with excellent guitar riffs and excellent vocal lines. Actually, vocalist Butch Balich is a great discovery of this year, and he truly transmits the spirit of old bands of obscured heavy metal and Epic metal feeling, like Candlemass,  Manilla Road, Black Sabbath (of course) etc. Music is simply and effective, as they focused in strong melodies and powerful structures. My favorite track is “Four Candles Burning” which is an excellent piece of Epic heavy metal in the purest essence of the genre. Of course, it seems like these guys have experience in the business and the music speaks itself. This is not for conventional listeners, and is not for those who are looking for gratuitous-mainstream-pop heavy metal singers. All tracks are forged in the flames of obscured heavy metal and everything is in the right place. It’s a very recommended for alopecic motherfuckers, and who like thick metal music running through their veins. – Victor Varas



ABSINTHIUM One for the Road Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ABSINTHIUM One For The Road cover art

ABSINTHIUM “One for the Road”

Punishment 18 Records

Well, what I have here is an interesting debut album coming from Italy’s underground scene. These guys forged a quite distinct heavy/power metal album, and it has strong influences from progressive elements; even from thrash metal vibes. The result sounds good and very professional because they managed guitar arrangements and blasting sections. It seems like this is an album that stands in both worlds: academic one and organic one (to say something). If you ask me, Dario Nuzzolo who is the main creator, has a particular perspective for aggressive music, and he perfectly combines melodic stuff and complexity. Also, all guitar solos are remarkable, without falling into arrogant pretentions. Another aspect to underline is the vocals work of Fabio Dos Santos De Castilho, a Brazilian guy with a high pitched voice. He has to work a little more on the power of his throat so that you can feel the warm iron running inside your veins. I think that the band is going through a great journey and they are doing the right things. Soon I’ll be reading more news about them if they keep the flame alive. This is just a matter of dedication. – Victor Varas



LORD IMPALER Babylon Whore EP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Lord Impaler cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

LORD IMPALER “Babylon Whore” EP

These Greek demons continue writing their own history, and this time it’s a two songs EP that is supposed to be included in a Split with ATHOS. Well, what I have here is the digital promo with the two opus completely drowned in blood and pain. The band is coming again from misty and tenebrous roads of aggressive black metal, and music is very well balanced between melody and sinister atmospheres. Everything is tied by a Scandinavian touch that would freeze your balls (or pussy) since the first notes. Also, the production is high octane and sounds really corrosive and brutal. If you ask me, both tracks are like two black serpents spiting poison direct to your face while they are deadly dancing in vomit. Yes, this is ultra recommended!! – Victor Varas


DENIAL OF GOD Death and the Beyond Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

enial of God Death and the Beyond cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

DENIAL OF GOD “Death and the Beyond”

Hellsheadbangers Recs

What a piece of darkness I have here!! After many years of silence, this black entity from Denmark recorded an excellent album full of dark atmospheres and misty vibes. I don’t think they are interested in transform a solid style developed through the years into a modern sound. Absolutely not, the music has an obscured aura which is a mark for the band since 1991. Also, I found a breath of solitude into some melodic lines and this is something that gives personality. The band knows what they are doing and where they are standing, so, they don’t have to demonstrate anything to nobody. They simply transformed old dark feelings into aggressive guitars and deadly sections. If you ask me, this is one of those bands that have a particular perspective about black metal music, and their influence comes more from horror, darkness and sinister stuff. My favorite track is the last one “Pendulum Swings”, which is a tenebrous piece of darkness and mist colored by blood and corrosive vibes. This is a 15 min song, and is divided in different sections. I have to admit that the track takes you into a mental journey across your painful memories, and your darkest side of unconscious. After all, this is a great return for a distinctive black metal band from Denmark, a place that produces excellent black entities. – Victor Varas