Heavy Metal Reviews with P

POISONOUS (Brazil) “Perdition’s Den”
PRIME EVIL (USA) “Evilution”
PERISHING HUMANITY (Ukraine)“The Monument of Human Lies and Hypocrisy”
PROFANATOR (México) “Deathplagued”
PIRAÑA (México) “Corruption”
PARAGON BELIAL (Germany) “Nosferathu Sathanis”
POWER THEORY (USA) “An Axe to Grind”
PANDEMONIUM (Poland) “Misantrophy”
PYROTOXIC (Finland) “Cursed Midnight”
PAGAN RITES (Sweden) “Embrace the Torments of Hell”
PSYCHOGOD (Rumania) “Alone”
PROMISCUITY (Israel) “Infernal Rock n’ Roll”
PSILOCYBE LARVAE (Russia) “The Labyrinth of Penumbra”
POMBAGIRA (UK) “Maleficia Lamiah”
PUTRID BLOOD (Serbia) “Absolute Profit” Review
PANIKK (Slovenia) “Unbearable Conditions”
PURVAJA (India) “Dark Goddess Divine”
PACTUM (México) “Sucubo M.O.D.L.”
PATHOGEN (Philippines) “Blasphemous Communion”
PATH TO IXTAB (Greece) “Black Sky”
PRELUDIUM (Poland) “Impending Hostility”
PRIMERAL MASS (Greece) “Blood Breathing Idols”
PUTRIFIED (Sweden) “Sacrilegious purification”
PIROSAINT (Chile) “Infected Brutality”
PERVERSION (United Arab Emirates) ”Pillars of the Enlightened”
PRAYER OF THE DYING (Malta) “God’s Failed Creation”
PRELUDIUM (Poland) “Redemption”
PITCH BLACK MENTALITY (Norway) “Pitch Black Mentality”
P.T.O.M.A. (Greece) “Shit into Existence”
POPPY SEED GRINDER (Czech Republic) “Promo 14”
PARTY ANIMALS (Italy) “Light a fan cool”
PYRE (Russia) “Human Hecatomb”
PLANET OF ZEUS (Greece) “Vigilante”
PENTHOS (UK) “Lifeless Haze”
POTERGEIST (Greece) “Crocodile Tears”
PIRAÑA (México) “Raw”
PROFANATOR (Mexico) “Mvtter Vicivm”
PAWNS IN CHESS (USA) “The Blood of Martyrs Demo”
PROFANITY (Germany) “Hatred Hell Within”
POSSESSOR (UK) “Stay Dead”
PRIME EVIL (USA) “Blood Curse Resurrection”
PUTRID OFFAL (France) “Premature Necropsy”
PAGANUS DOCTRINA (Costa Rica) “OmnipotencE AeternaE DiabolouS”
PLAGE RIDER (UK) “Paroxysm”
PRAISE THE FLAME (Chile) “Manifest Rebellion”
THE PRAGMATIST (Russia) “The Inevitablity of Disaster”
PEDOPHILE PRIEST (Ireland) “Dark Transgression of the Soul”
PUTREVORE (International) “Tentacles of Horror”
PLUTONIUM (Sweden) “Born Again Misanthrope”
PERSEUS (Italy) “A Tale Whispered in the Night”
PORTA DAEMONIUM (Chile) “Serpent of Chaos”
PSYKOSIS (Ireland) “Welcome to the Psyko Ward”
PROLL GUNS (Austria) “Horseflesh BBQ”


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