Heavy Metal Reviews with D

DARK LUNACY  (Italy) “Weaver of forgotten”
DRAMATVM  (México) “The prophecy of mhisty a prelude of Chaos”
DRAKAR  (Czech Rep.) “Let Draka/ The Flight of the Dragon”
DISFIGURED DEAD   (USA) ”Visions of Death”
DODSFERD/MORTOVATIS  (Greece) Split “Until your world go down”
DESTRUKTOR (Australia) “Nailed”
DEATHRONATION (Germany) “Exorchrism”
DEATH INVOKER (Perú) “Demo 2010”
DROWNED IN BLOOD (México) “Deathbringer”
DESCENDING DARKNESS (Austria) “Blutrausch”
DESERTED FEAR (Germany) “My Empire”
DISGRACE (Mexico) “Mental Disorder”
DIVINE CODEX (Italy) “The Dark Descent”
DEATHCHAIN (Finland) “Death Gods”
DECREPITAH (USA) “Forgotten Scriptures – THE COLLECTION”
DEFIANT (Croatia) “Era of Substitution”
DISHAMMER (Spain) “Vintage Addiction”
DELIRIUM (México) “All these years of dying…”
DISGRACE (México) “Symmetry of Chaos”
DIONYSUS (Pakistan) “A Hymn to the Dying”
DEATH BEARER PROJECT (México) “From Abyss We Rise”
DOOM’S DAY (Canada) “The Unholy”
DEUS – EX –MÄCHINA (México) “Standarized”
DOCUMENT 6 (Germany) “Das Vierte Reich”
DIRIGIRI (USA) “Dirigiri”
DRAGON NOCTURNO (México) “Grita hasta que el cuerpo aguante”
DEATH RIDES A HORSE (Denmark) “Tree of Woe”
DEFORMITY (Russia) “When tomorrow comes”
DOOMSDAY (México) “Superstition”
DECAYED (Portugal) “Unholy Demon Seed
DEATHCULT (USA) “The Test of Time”
DEVIL’S WHISKEY (México) “Rattlesnake Blues”
DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red”
DARKEND (Italy) “Grand Guignol Book 1”
DARK COUNTRY (USA) “Dark Country”
DESOLATOR (Sweden) “Unearthly Monument”
DECIBEL HAMMER (Finland) “Culture Of Extermination”
DEVIANT VEREDICT (Finland) “The Unborn God”
DECAYING (Finland) “The Last Days of War”
DENIAL OF GOD (Denmark) “Death and the Beyond”
DARK DESIGN (USA) “Prey for the Future”
DESTROYERS OF ALL (Portugal) “Into the Fire”
DEKAPITED (Chile) “Contra iglesia y estado”
DISMAL FAITH (Italy) “Morph”
DISMEMBERMENT (USA) “Denied Salvation”
DHEMAG (Mexico) “Mr. Sinner”
DEMONA (Chile) “Speaking with the Devil”
DANGEREGO (Italy) “Autopsy”
DARK FOREST (UK) “The Awakening”
DRAGON’s KISS (Portugal) “Somewhere Up in the Mountains”
DOÑA CALAVERA (México) “…Y la vi en Camposanto”
(Finland) EP 2014
DOMAINS (Spain) “Sinister Ceremonies”
DECOMPOSED (Sweden) “Devouring”
DJINN AND MISKATONIC (India) “Forever In The Realm”
DEVIL LEE ROT (Sweden) “Doom Devilution”
DEATHRAGE (Italy) “Down in the Depth of Sickness”
DESECRESY (Finland) “Chasmic Transcendence”
DEMON STEEL (México) Demo
DEATH VOMIT (Chile)  “Gutted by Horrors”
DROWNED IN BLOOD (Mexico) “Underworld”
DEFACED CREATION (Sweden) “Serenity in Chaos”
DESPOT (Brazil) “Satan in the Death Row”
DRUKNROLL (Russia) “Boiling point”
DYING OUT FLAME (Nepal) “Shiva Rudrastakam”
DESGRACA ETERNA (Brazil) ”Catarse Diabólica”
DISSIDENT CLONE (USA) “State of Dysphoria”
DESERT NEAR THE END (Greece) “Hunt for the Sun”
DECAYED (Portugal) “Into the depths of hell”
DROWN IN BLOOD (Italy) “Addicted to Murder”
DIAMANTE (Italy) “Ad Vitam Reditus”
DISRUPTED (Sweden) “Morbid Death”
DISSECDEAD (Germany) “Swamp of Suffering”
DEPRESSED (Brazil) “Afterlife in Darkness”
DESOLATE PATHWAY (UK) “Valley of the King”
DEGENERHATE (Italy) “Chronicles of the Apocalypse”
D.HATE (Ukraine) “L.I.F.E.”
DERAIGN (Australia) “Purity in Violence”
DEW OF NOTHING (Mexico) “Outsider”
DECAPITATED CHRIST (Spain) “Arcane Impurity Ceremonies”
DECONSECRATE (Belgium) “Nothing Is Sacred”
DAEMONIAC (Italy) “Lord of Immolation”
DALKHU (Slovenia) “Descend… into Nothingness”
DISTERROR (Mexico) “Catharsis”
DISSIDENT (Chile) “Unleash the Violence… In Thrash We Trust”
DOR FEAFAROTH (Russia) “Extermination of spiritual leprosy”
DOGBANE (USA) “When Karma Comes Calling”
DIESEAR (Taiwán) “Ashes of the Dawn”
DIABOLICAL MESSIAH (Chile) “Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!”
DULIA (Italy) “Hic Contendimus”
DEMENTIA 13 (Portugal) “Ways of Enclosure”
DYING EMPIRE (Germany) “Dystopia”
DEATH DEALER (USA) “Hallowed Ground”
(Finland) “Tuho”
DARK FOREST (UK) “Beyond the veil”
DEATHFUCKER (Italy) “Fuck the Trinity”
DEJA VU (Germany) “Ejected”
DEAD CONSPIRACY (USA) “Dead Conspiracy”
DEHUMANIZED (USA) “Beyond the Mind”
DEPRIVE (Spain) “Temple of the Lost Wisdom”
DOOMED (Germany) “Anna”

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