DEFACED CREATION Serenity in Chaos Review

Defaced Creation cover art

DEFACED CREATION “Serenity in Chaos”

Punishment 18 Records

This is one of those jewels of death metal genre which was lost in time for a long period. Coming from Sweden, these guys released several EP’s and Split productions, before they recorded the debut album in 1999.

It’s a reissue of the album, and believe me: it sounds full of morbidity and crushing death metal. All tracks have excellent atmospheres formed in complex guitar sections, amazing musical arrangements and blood bath growls. Actually you will not find the typical Gothenburg sound here. This is more influenced by Dutch and German death metal with heavy touches of American brutality (ala Morbid Angel, Incantation), and shiny elements of modernity, here and there. If you ask me, maybe some tracks sound monotonous for a while, but the album really has good sections and I’m sure you will enjoy it if you are on your 40’s years old. Unfortunately the band is split up and I don’t know if they will join together again. It’s highly recommended anyway! – Victor Varas


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