Heavy Metal Reviews with I

INCAPACITATE (Phillipines)“March To The Death”
INFERIUS TORMENT (Russia) “Ceremony of Godslaying”
INSULTERS (Spain) “Skull Krushers festering in Black Vomit”
ISRATHOUM (Portugal) “Monument of Brimstone”
INFUNERAL (Sweden) “Torn From the Abyss”
IN VAIN (Spain) “Of Gods and Man”
INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE (Dominican Republic) “Global Infection”
INFINITUM OBSCURE (México) “Sub Atris Caelis”
INSET (Poland) “Last Breath” EP
INQUISITOR (Lithuania) “The Quantum Theory of Id”
INFEST (Serbia) “Onward to Destroy”
IBLIS (Poland) “Menthell”
INFERNAL TENEBRA (Croatia) “New Formed Revelations”
INCANTATION (USA) “Vanquish in Vengeance”
INDOMITE (Colombia) “Theater of Time”
INTO DARKNESS (Italy) ”Into Darkness” EP
ILLNULLA (Italy) “Illnulla”
IMPIETY (SIngapore) “The Impious Crusade”
IRON KINGDOM (Canada) “Gates of Eternity”
INCARCERATION (Brazil) “Sacrifice”
IMPRECATION (USA) “Satanae Tenebris Infinita”
IZEGRIM (Netherlands) “Congress of the Insane”
IN SILENT (Poland) “Potępienie”
INTO DARKNESS “Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures into the Unknown” EP 7″
IDENSITY (France) “Chronicles”
INFECTION ATTACK (México) “Arrive annihilating”
INFEST (France) “The Next Will Be Yours…”
IMPACTOR (Germany) “Arise in Decay”
INSULTERS (Spain) “We are the Plague”
INSAIN (France) “Enlightening the Unknown”
IN VACUO (Hungary) “In Vacuo”
I MISS MY DEATH (Ukraine) “In Memories”
INSIDE THE HOLE (Italy) “Impressions”
INNSMOUTH (Denmark) “The Shadow over Innsmouth”
INCARNATED (Poland) “Try Before Die”
INSEPULTO (Costa Rica) “The Necrodex”
ÍMPIOS (Brazil) “Total Heresia”
INFERNAL DEATH (Denmark) “Call to War”
INTERCEPTOR (Italy) “Wise Is the Beast…but the Hunter Doesn’t Know”
IN MUTE (Spain) “One in a Million”
IRON KOBRA (Germany) “Might & Magic”
IRON KINGDOM (Canada) “Ride for Glory”
INFECTED PRIEST (Finland) “Hammering Nails to Fragile Bones”
ILSA (USA) “The Felon’s Claw”
IN CAUDA VENENUM (France) “In Cauda Venenum”
INSANITY (USA) “Visions of Apocalypse”
ISCARIOTH (Russia) “I Am the Arm”
INSTIGATOR (Sweden) “Bad Future”
IN OBSCURITY REVEALED (Mexico) “The Spell of the Seeker
ILDVERDEN (Ukrania) “Temnich black is me”
INTERMENT (Sweden) “Scent of the Buried”
INFECTION ATTACK (México ) “The Disaster Outcome”
INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE (Dominican Republic) “Spawning a Dystopian Breed”
IRON FIRE (Denmark) “Among the Dead”
IMPERFECT SOULS (Brasil) “Necro Bestial”
INNERSPHERE (Czech Republic) “InnerSphere EP”
IHUMAN (Costa Rica) “Conquerors of the New World”
INFANT DEATH (Norway) “Violent Rites”


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