Album Review IRON KINGDOM Ride for Glory

Iron Kingdom cover art

IRON KINGDOM “Ride for Glory”

Tridroid Records

Bands like this one makes me believe that there is still a huge fan base of traditional heavy metal out there, and the genre is not already dead, absolutely not! Coming from British Columbia, Canada, these guys formed the band in 2011 and it’s the third album so far.

All tracks are forged in the true spirit of heavy metal, in the most powerful, high pitched and shiny side of the genre. Of course, the music has different influences mainly from Germanic roots and British old bands, but this gang actually composed excellent songs in powerful guitar riffs and traditional heavy metal structures. I liked very much this album because the work of both guitarists Chris Osterman and Kenny Kroecher is awesome. It seems like they have high musical skills, but they also manage good taste in Teutonic musical arrangements and added epic lines and fully melodic solos. Also, drummer Amanda Osterman makes an excellent work with technique and high doses of versatility and progressive music elements. This album is highly recommended for those who follow the genre since the beginning and for those who are looking for excellent bands in the underground scene. You will not waste time here! – Victor Varas

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