Heavy Metal Reviews with R

RAMPART (Bulgaria)“War Behest”
RESURGENCY (Greece) “False Enlightenment”
RIPPING FLESH (México) “Mercy/Parallel Windows”
RÖTTEN (México) “Troopers of Midnight”
RAZORWYRE (New Zealand) “Another Dimention”
REPOSSESSION (Poland) “Reign over Inferno”
RITUAL KILLING (Germany) “New Tribe”
REBIRTH OF PAIN (México) “Demo”
RUST N’ RAGE (Finland) “Showdown”
ROTTING AWAY (México) “Rise from Decay”
RUINS (Australia) “Place of no Pity”
RUINED FAMILIES (Greece) “Blank Language”
REAPTER (Italy) “M.I.N.D.”
RUINTHRONE (Italy) “Urban Ubris”
RAXAS (México) “Instinto”
RANDOMORDER (Australia) “The Forbidden Knowledge”
RITUAL CHAMBER (USA) “The Pits of Tentacled Screams”
RUNNING DEATH (Germany) “Overdrive”
RED ROOM ENSEMBLE (Finland) “Red Room Ensemble”
RAGING DEATH (Poland) “Raging Death”
REANIMATOR (Canada) “Horns Up”
RIOTOR (Canada) “Rusted Throne”
RUSTY PACEMAKER (Austria) “Ruins”
RITO PROFANATORIO (Peru) “Grimorios e invocaciones desde el templo de la perversión”
REVOLUTION (USA) “Sacrifice”
ROTEM (Portugal) “Nightmare Forever”
REPULSIVE DISSECTION (International) “Church of the Five Precious Wounds”
RECTIFIED SPIRIT (India) “The Waste Land”
RUIN (USA) “Spread Plague Hell”
RAGE IN SILENCE (Russia) “Doomsday Butchery”
RED MORRIS (Italy) “Lady Rose”
RAPID TERRÖR (Sweden) “Speed Metal Bastard / Faster Master”
RAGEHAMMER (Poland) “The Hammer Doctrine”
REVEL IN FLESH (Germany) “Emissary Of All plagues”

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