Heavy Metal Reviews with B

BALANCE INTERRUPTION  (Ukraine) “Era II: Deserts of ashes”
BLEEDING FIST (Slovenia) “Bestial Kruzifix666ion”
BLOOD MORTIZED (Sweden) “The Key to a Black Heart”
BITTERNESS (Germany) “Genociety”
BLACK HATE (Mexico) “Los Tres Mundos”
BLACK HORIZON (France) “The Choice”
BLOOD AND DISASTER (Colombia) “Tierras de Destrucción y adoración al Demonio”
BÄDR VOGU (USA) “Exitium”
BUSTUM NIGER (México) “Eritis Sicut Deus” Demo
BAAL (México) “Grotesque Messiah”
BLOODTRUTH (Italy) “Promo 2012”
BODE PRETO (Brazil) “Inverted Blood” (Tape Version)
BUD TRIBE (Italy) “Eye of the Storm”
BURIALKULT (Canada) “A Call from beyond the Grave”
BUKOWSKI FAMILY (Hungary) “Initiation” EP
BACKYARD MORTUARY (Australia) “Lure of the Occult”
BLACK ROCK (Finland) “Black Rock Demo”
BATTATROX (México) “Unleash the Destruction”
BADMOTORFINGER (Italy) “It’s not the End”
BUKOWSKY FAMILY (Hungary) “Umpleasantries Abundant” EP
BEYOND DESCRIPTION (Japan) “An Elegy for Depletion”
BLACK SACHBAK (Israel) “No Pay No Gain”
BRAIN DEAD (Italy) “Menace from the Sickness”
BLEEDING GODS (Netherlands) “Blood Symphony”
BURIAL HORDES (Greece) “Incendium”
BERTONCELLI (Argentina) “Leyendas de Amor y Sangre”
BLOOD MORTIZED (Sweden) “The Demon, the Angel, the Disease”
BLOODSHED WALHALLA (Italy) “The Battle will never end”
BATTLEROAR (Greece) “Blood of Legends”
BASTARDOGS (Italy) “No Pain No Gain”
BLOOD OF KINGS (USA) “Starvation”
BARKTOK (México) “Emergiendo del infierno”
BOKLUK (Spain) “Taphonomy”
BLACK TRACK “Let the Thunder Roar!”
BONE GNAWER (USA/ Sweden) “Primal Cuts”
BLINDEATH (Italy) “Into the Slaughter”
BOOZE CONTROL (Germany) “Heavy Metal”
BROKEN LINGERIE (Spain) “Lying Words”
BLOODROCUTED (Belgium) “Disaster Strikes Back”
BETOKEN (Italy) “Beyond Redemption”
BARISHI (USA) “Endless Howl”
BREATHLESS (Spain) “Return to Pangea”
BLACK CAPRICORN (Italy) “Cult of Black Friars”
BIOPSY (India) “Fractals of Derangement”
BALMOG (Spain) “Necroangels’ Revelations”
BITCHHAMMER (Germany) “Raging Hell Rivers”
BIOTOXIC WARFARE (Greece) “Lobotomized”
BAD WEATHER PROJECT (Italy) “Stormriders”
BLUNT KNIFE IDOL (Netherlands) “Greed Heritage”
BURIAL VAULT (Germany) “Unity in Pluralism”
BONE GNAWER (USA) “Cannibal Crematorium”
BLACK BLEEDING (Belgium) “A Bright Future”
BLASPMACHINE (Malasya) “Salvation”
BEVAR SEA (India) “Invoke the Bizarre”
BUKAVAC (USA) “All that is of the Earth”
BLOT (Norway)“Ilddyrking”
BESTIAL DEFORM (Russia) “Together We’ll Destroy the World”
BLACK OATH (Italy) “To Below and Beyond”
BOOZE CONTROL (Germany) “The Lizard Rider”
BLOOD RED THRONE (Norway) “Union of flesh and machine”
BULLETSIZE (Sweden) “Pansar”
BLACK TORMENT (Mexico) “Catacomb of Blinding Blasphemies”
BARUS EP (France) “Barus”
BIZARRE (Spain) “Inner Necropolis”
BLACK OATH (Italy) “Litanies in the Dark”


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