Album Review BLACK BLEEDING A Bright Future

Black Bleeding cover art

BLACK BLEEDING “A Bright Future”

Nihilistic Holocaust

According to Metal Archives, these guys have been active since 1998, and they have many demos and two full length albums on their back. Coming from Habay-La-Neuve (Belgium) the band has released an excellent album, and they added elements from death metal genre, black metal genre and some sprinkles of punkish attitude.

Of course they are not new on extreme metal music and they have good taste on every chaotic structure. It’s like a chaotic and punk version of black metal, but I find a particular personality in the entire album. It seems like these musicians have musical skills, but they don’t mind if instruments sound raw, emotional and cathartic. Inclusive, tracks like “It’s good to be the king” reunites different and distinctive sections, everything tied in chaos and horrible miasmas. My favorite one is “Can food & Weapons”, which is totally composed with Nordic black metal influence. You already know those cold guitar riffs and sharp structures. At the end it’s a good album if you are looking for rawness and distinctive stuff from Belgium. This one was edited in CD (self -released) and tape format. – Victor Varas

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