Heavy Metal Reviews with G

GNOSYS  (México) “Unioum”
GANGREL   (Perú) “Metal Hunters”
GUERRA TOTAL (Colombia) “Mas allá de la tumba”
GUTWRENCH (México) “Mausoleum … To Dwell & Rot In”
GRISATRE (France) “Esthaetique”
GOREGAST (Germany) “La Revancha”
GRENADE (Australia)“The Howling Damned”
GORELUST (Canada) “Reign of Lunacy”
GRACE DISGRACED (Russia) “Enthrallment Traced”
GOLAH (Italy) “Cerebral Collision”
GERM BOMB (Sweden) “Sound of Horns”
GOD’s DESIRE (Greece) “Παρατρίχα Δισκάρα (Paratrixa Diskara)”
GUTSLIT (India) “Skewered in the Sewer”
GUARNERIUS (México) re edition 2014
GRAVEYARD GHOUL (Germany) “The Living Cemetery”
GLUTTONY (Sweden) “Beyond the Veil of Flesh”
GOMORRAH (USA) “To The Depths”
GEHENNA (Mexico) “El Infierno”
GRAVECRUSHER (Hungary) “Morbid Black Oath”
GORGATRON (USA) “Inner Supremacy”
GRAVEYARD AFTER GRAVEYARD (Sweden) “Hellhound on My Trail”
GROTESQUE DEITY (Mexico) “Bloodrealm”
GRETHOR (USA) “Cloaked in Decay”
GOAT TORMENT (Belgium) “Sermons to Death”
GLOOM (Spain) “Doggod”
GRIMORIUM VERUM (Russia) “Relict”
GOATTHROAT (Germany) “Rites of Blasphemy”
GREY HEAVEN FALL (Russia) “Black Wisdom”
GRAVE MIASMA (UK) “Endless Pilgrimage”
GOD DISEASE (Finland) “Doom Howler / Abyss Cathedral”
GORGOSAUR (Sweden) “Lurking Among Corpses”
GAMA BOMB (UK) “The Terror Tapes”
GRAVESPAWN (USA) “Inexorable Grimness”
GRAND HEAD (USA) (Vinyl format)
GROND (Russia) “Worship the Kraken”
GRAVEYARD GHOUL (Germany) “Slaughtered – Defiled – Dismembered”


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