Album Review GROND Worship the Kraken

Grond cover artwork

GROND “Worship the Kraken”

Xtreem Music

Holy shit! These Muscovites literally drowned my speakers in blood. It is pure fucking death metal with venomous guitar riffs, deep gutturals and touchy essence of the genre in early 90’s.

Formed in 2002 in Russia, this band is one of the best corrosive death metal acts I’ve heard lately from that side of the world. It combines solid elements of slow-tempo doom metal, and thick mid-paced death metal full of heaviness. All tracks contain big doses of brutal elements, but the atmospheres still are oppressive and ominous like shit. Also, the band transmit ritualist auras on every track, and definitely has forged an own personality musically speaking, influenced by old names of death metal genre. This music with low tuned guitars and extremely crude distortions, and there is no room for weak ears. Once again, I’m really impressed of what is coming from mother Russia lately, it’s highly recommended for old skulls looking for rancid blood and shit. A cool cover version of Goat Lord’s song can be found here, btw! – Victor Varas

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