Heavy Metal Reviews with T

THE CHASM (México/USA) “Farseeing the Paranormal abysm”
TERRA CAPUT MUNDI  (USA) “Alive in the Hive”
THE WOUNDED KINGS  (UK) “The shadow over Atlantis”
TARANTULO (Russia) “Tarantulo”
TYRANEX  (Sweden) “The Evil Has arrived” Demo
TRIFORIUM DAWN (USA) “Spectral Snare” Demo
THRASHSTEEL (México) “Thoughtcrime”
TRAILS OF SORROW (Italy) “Languish in Oblivion”
TOXIC HATE (México) “Poisoned Nations Holocaust”
TRUNAR (Belarus) “Christs not Christians”
THE BLACK MORIAH (USA) “Casket Prospects Promo”
THIRTEEN WARS (Germany) “Towards Devastation”
THY ONLY FORGOTTEN (México) “Mythos Daemonium”
TIRAN (Russia) “Rehearsal 12/06/10”
THRASHGRINDER (Finland) “Seeds of Revolution”
THE GATES OF SLUMBER (USA) “The Awakening …” (Reissue)
TRENCH HELL (Australia) “Southern Cross Ripper”
THE DAMNATION (Germany) “Evilution”
TBP (Italy) “Universe of Emotions”
TERMINATE (USA) “Ascending to Red Heavens”
TOTAL NEGATION (Germany) “Zur Späten Stunde | Zeiträume”
THE DEVILZWORK (Australia) “Floodlights”
TORMENTED (Sweden) “Death Awaits”
TWISTED WRATH (Ireland) “Madman’s Chorus”
TORMENT (Italy) “The Damage is Done”
TOMMY TALAMANCA (Italy) “Na Zapad”
THE FORCE  (Paraguay) “Nations Under Attack”
THE BEYOND (Italy) “Decaying Death”
THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP (Sweden) “Mortui Vivos Docent”
TERRA CAPUT MUNDI (USA)  “Lost in the Warp”
TOMBSTONERS (México) “Dissolution of Astral Order”
TÚRIN TARAMBAR (Poland) “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska”
THIS IS HELL (México)“Sangre y Dominio”
TURBOCHARGED (Sweden) “Area 666”
TUNGSTEN (USA) “The Reservoir”
THE BLEEDING (Italy) “Rites of Putrefaction”
TEMPESTA (Italy) “Scusate per il Sangue”
THE GARDNERZ (Sweden) “Exiting Reality”
TYRANT’S BLOOD (Canada) “Coven”
THE GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades”
THE ANCIENT WAR (Italy) “Riding on the Hills of Death”
TORMENTRESS (Singapore) “Operation Torment”
TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE (Australia) “Condemnation”
TRIUMVIR FOUL (USA) “An Oath of Blood and Fire”
THUNDERSTEEL (Serbia) “The Exorcism”
TITANS EVE ( Canada) “Chasing the Devil”
THE DEAD GOATS (Poland) “Don’t Go in the Tomb”
TORMENTION (Sweden) “Chaotic Delusions”
TENTATION (France) “Tentation” EP
TEMPLE OF GNOSIS (Serbia) “Mysterivm Magnvm”
TORCHIA (Finland) “Ending Beginning”
TERRORDOME (Poland) “Machete Justice”
TULSADOOM (Austria) “Storms of the Netherworld”
THRONE (Netherlands) “The Full Moon Sessions”
THE RITUAL AURA (Australia) “Laniakea”
THROUGH TORMENT (Mexico) “Occultus”
TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA (Hungary) “Horns in the Dark”
TAIGA (Russia) “Gaia”
TORTURE RACK (USA) “Barbaric Persecution”
TERROR CHAOS FORCE (Mexico) “Island of Doom”
TOXICA (Argentina) “Ahogados en contaminación”

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