TRUNAR (Belarus) Review

Trunar Christ not Christians review at Zombie Ritual Zine

TRUNAR “Christs not Christians”

Wings of Destruction/Dead Center Prods.

This is a perfect example of how fascinating can be the underground black metal scene from distant countries. According to these motherfuckers, this piece of darkness is a demo, but what a demo!!! They’ve stepped into a very violent antichristian and misanthropic stuff and sounds extremely well done. The production is quite good and clean, but not shining – over produced, hell not!! It’s clear enough to hear all the instruments and vocals very well balanced and is able to transmit all this coldness direct to the medulla. Some tracks are titled on their mother tongue, so I can’t read what the fucking are they saying but, honestly I’m fucking caught by tracks like “Stake of Perception” which is an interesting ode to the imagination, red violence and inner thoughts. Language is not audible for me, but iconoclastic energy is clear. My favorite one is “The Cosmic Grin” which is a very well done track with a stench of what is being doing around French Black Metal scene, you know this simplistic and misanthropic tunes, and very effective. Great addition to a Black Metal collection from East Europe, I’ll keep it on the left side of my own one.
Cheers to Gorvaneb and to A. Maksimov!! – Victor Varas



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