Album Review GRAVESPAWN Inexorable Grimness


GRAVESPAWN “Inexorable Grimness”


This is a very interesting EP forged in solid black metal coming from USA. All tracks have obvious references to big names from the north of Europe, in 90s, but these guys have a very particular perspective of dark arts and painful guitar riffs.

Coming from L.A. California, this is a band that has been active since 2004, and has released various demos, a split production and one full length album. This is black metal music with a necrotic stench everywhere. You can hear very well-conceived compositions with tons of “epic” elements, primitive guitar riffs, some walls of keyboards, and explosive musical structures. Of course they know about this musical genre, and they have good taste by mixing distinctive stuff here and there. Also, they created truly metallic hymns with “folk” elements and “epic” lines (example, the song “Scribes of Forsaken Lore”). This is a band that knows what they want musically speaking, and it seems like they don’t want to add anything to the cauldron, they simply created good stuff with personality and matured ideas. It’s another good underground band to keep an eye on it. – Victor Varas

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