Album Review RAGE IN SILENCE Doomsday Butchery

Rage in silence cover artwork

RAGE IN SILENCE “Doomsday Butchery”

Symbol of Domination Prod.

This debut album is not bad at all for a young band founded in 2010. This Russian piece of brutality offers tons of holocaustic guitar riffs and good doses of grindcore.

Of course they know about modern death metal and chaotic music, and all tracks are based in effective atmospheres full of fast sections and fresh stuff here. Vocalist it’s a guy called Oleg Polezhaev who really has a great throat as he delivers insane gutturals and high octane, screams in almost all tracks. The band knows the business and adds some doses of brutality among chaos. Obviously the band has gruesome roots in classic death metal, but they are more into brutal death metal with shiny moments of complexity. Also, it seems like they are looking for an own style, and have some peculiar hybrid moments musically speaking, here and there. All in all this is a band full of real potential to become a successful act in Russian underground metal scene. Hopefully they will find an own sound, and they will place the name in the road of grind metal race. – Victor Varas

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