Album Review ISCARIOTH I Am the Arm

ISCARIOTH cover art

ISCARIOTH “I Am the Arm”

Symbol of Domination Prod.

This is a good debut album, full of rabid and melodic tunes, and quite balanced between aggression and obscurity.

I admit that the band has excellent compositions of epic guitar riffs on totally heavy miasmas, but I think that the band has to work a bit more to find its own sound. I’ve heard many hybrids of death metal and black metal, and I know it’s a pain in the ass to focus a good result musically speaking. The fact is that these guys do it very well, but somehow I found some moments repetitive and predictable. As aforementioned, it’s a good debut album, and I liked the inclusion of keyboards atmospheres in specific points. I liked the track “Jüros Sventé” is really good with acoustic sections and heavy doses of sorrow and introspective lines. My favorite one is “Cherry Tree Blossoms at Night” which takes you into a trip in different sections and directions. Yeah, it’s inspired in a plan of biological warfare, developed in World War II. All in all, this album delivers killer guitar riffs and good doses of chaos. We will see what happens next. – Victor Varas

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