Album Review INNERSPHERE InnerSphere EP




The band was formed in 2015, but definitely these guys have experience in extreme metal music as they are part of other groups in the past.

Coming from Pilsen, Czech Republic, this band produced a really good mix of thrash and melodic death metal, with tons of guitar lines and guttural vocals. It’s a band that sounds solid and includes some progressive elements, here and there, so, you will find a result with a peculiar perspective of thrash metal. Also, I really liked the sound of fretless bass guitar (yes, I’m a bass player too), which is incisive, creative and consistent with all structures. It seems like these guys know how to do things, and since the first acoustic intro you can hear high musical skills. Maybe they have to find an own sound, as everybody knows the risk of mixing death metal and thrash metal genre with melodic lines, but the road is extended, and this musicians are 100% into original creativity since the first release. This is not a demo, this is part of what seems to be a large list of destructive death/thrash metal with complex guitar lines, good musical arrangements and awesome work of bass player. Somebody has to write it! – Victor Varas

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