Album Review INFANT DEATH Violent Rites


INFANT DEATH “Violent Rites”

Apocalyptic Empire Records

Ok, it’s my first contact with these Norwegian demons and I’m pretty excited due high quality of fast black-thrash metal I find here. All tracks share the same vibe of obscurity in fast guitar riffs, chaotic sections and cathartic vocals. Continue reading

Album Review LETHAL SHÖCK Evil Aggressor


LETHAL SHÖCK “Evil Aggressor”

Witches Brew

Aaaaargh!! What a piece of destructive speed metal!! Formed by members of well-known bands in Chicago, like Kommandant, Stone Magnum, etc, this band denotes in debut album true worship to old glories of fast metal in 80’s.

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Album Review TOXICA Ahogados en contaminación


TOXICA “Ahogados en contaminación”

Witches Brew

I have different feelings about this album. For one side, these Argentinean guys are into the new wave of thrash metal highly influenced by old bands in America, like Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Anthrax, which I started to feel sick about.

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Album Review NUCLEAR HATRED Nuclear Hatred EP


NUCLEAR HATRED “Nuclear Hatred”

Self –released

After five years or something using the name of Zamboni, these guys received a notification from a company who apparently owns trademark rights of that name. It seems like a bad-blood accusation due hormonal decision of somebody.

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Album Review MAZE OF TERROR Ready to Kill


MAZE OF TERROR “Ready to Kill”

P-18 Records

This is extremely fast and deadly, and I can’t expect less from this Peruvian death machine, as they showed us a really explosive thrash metal in previous debut EP “Skullcrusher”, some years ago.

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Album Review MORTAL PESTILENCE Universal Hatred


MORTAL PESTILENCE “Universal Hatred”

Metal Ways Records

This is another deadly attack of Aztec thrash metal at its finest. Everything here is aggressive, powerful and extremely well done. Coming from Naucalpan, Edo.Mex, this entity was founded in 2012 under the name of Mortal Plague.

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Album Review LEGIONS OF WAR Honour to the past


LEGIONS OF WAR “Honour to the past”

Infernö Records

I have different feelings about this CD. On one side, I’d definitely prefer fresh music in a new album, because these guys know very well about their thrash-black metal style, and they have released really good pieces of destruction in the past. In the other hand, this is nothing but high quality homage to the roots of heavy metal with class.

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Album Review IMPERFECT SOULS Necro Bestial




Some years ago I made some good trades with vocalist/guitarist Lucas Dias, who also runs “Under the Eternal Flames Fanzine”. Eventually he sent me a demo of his band, and later a split called “Blasphemy Alliance”, and I really liked it because it shows a good black seed configured in obscured thrash metal and antichristian lyrics.

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