DISFIGURED DEAD Relentless Review

DISFIGURED DEAD Relentless cover art


Butchered Records

I remember when I listened to the first album called “Visions of Dead”, I was pretty impressed because of the high octane guitar riffs and rotten “old school” structures. Actually, I think they follow same line on the new album, although they added more complexity to the music, and this definitely opens a new perspective to their sound. All tracks are tied by a rotten stench which sounds excellent and breaks bones. Also, the production helps a lot and everything sounds clear, crude and infernal.

As aforementioned, things have changed for good, and the band is more into complex sections, but they don’t fall into childish pretentions so I can’t call it “technical metal”. By now, my ears are bleeding at track 5, and that’s a good signal because I’m not bored with anorexic copycats or arrogant attitudes. I liked track “Summoning Execution” which is a piece of crude death metal forged in the purest essence of the genre, made in tombs. Tons of guitar sections, harmonic bending resources, direct vocals and complex drums. That’s the meaning of death metal on the perspective of DD, and this will punch your face from the first second. Although this album is not the most original stuff I’ve heard this year, it has a peculiar stink coming from atrocious guitar riffs, and this refresh the concept of metal for dead skulls full of maggots and old evil motherfuckers. – Victor Varas



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