FERETRO (Mexico) Review

Feretro Nueva Sangre Review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

FERETRO “Nueva Sangre”

Onslaught Records

This is my first contact with the band, and I can say that I didn’t expect such an excellent first Full Length album. This horde is not that new, according to the Bio they started the black noise in 2002, and they developed quite good shit since then, as I can hear on the CD. My first fucking compliment is for the fact that I can clearly listen to all the lyrics as the vocals sings in Spanish and sounds very understandable. I’m very enthusiastic here because I really liked what Paganus Doctrina, or 1917 did in the past, and if this is in Spanish, it couldn’t be better than that. Music sounds really violent, and sometimes melodic (not too much actually), and seems to be very rooted on sulfuric black metal sound coming from Sweden in the 90’s. Also, the band did an excellent work in composition, and every track sounds different, giving space to all the instruments. Maybe, they didn’t took any risk and just followed their black blood and cold mind, that’s why sometimes, some sections sound very flat rhythmically speaking, but this is only a matter of time to learn more tempo changes and that shit. Anyway, I really like this album and I recommend it if you are into new proposals Mexican Black metal. – Victor Varas



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