Album Review FAUSTTOPHEL Sancta Simplicitas


FAUSTTOPHEL “..Sancta Simplicitas…”

Another Side Records

This is a very interesting melodic black metal album with tons of musical arrangements, keyboard walls, and different atmospheres throughout the songs. Coming from Ukraine, the band was founded in 1999, but it seems like they are not very active until 2013, when debut album was released.

This year they relocated in Russia and present a very decent sophomore forged in totally holocaustic guitar riffs and pure sonic Armageddon. Of course, they have thick roots in Scandinavian black metal, making homage to old records from 90’s, but this band has a singular perspective of carnage melodies, and added some progressive elements, acoustic passages, symphonic details and an obscured miasma surrounding the entire album. Inclusive, I hear folk elements very well balanced with aggressiveness and good taste. I liked this album because shows a mature band that doesn’t follows the steps of famous bands; they are looking for their own. These guys know the ground where they are standing, and they produced an awesome album full of interesting melodic elements and fantastic black metal atmospheres. It’s highly recommended if you follow this side of the genre, coming from the North of that continent. – Victor Varas

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