FISHERMAN’S DEATH Uncharted Waters Review

Fisherman's Death review at Zombie Ritual Zine

FISHERMAN’S DEATH “Uncharted Waters”

Tmina Records

It’s a singular death metal band coming from Sweden. Well, as you can guess, they play in the most melodic and colored way of the genre, and definitely they are very influenced by big names (also coming from Sweden) like At the Gates, Dark Tranquility (early), etc. Indeed, all compositions are around solid guitar riffs and excellent melodic arrangements. If you ask me, they are not that original as the statement coming in the promo sheet says, but they have cool ideas and the result is quite professional like most of the bands coming from that side of the world. You’ve know those sticky and melodic lines inside guitar riffs, all fueled by heavy metal, and blood red throat vocals. Although this is just a four tracks promo, I find a very concise concept and these guys step in different sides of melodic death metal, and even folk metal. The cover art denotes funny persons and zero bad ass attitudes, and that’s fine. It’s recommended for lovers of melodic death metal coming from north of Europe, and for those who don’t have a problem with humor sense in the genre. – Victor Varas

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