Album Review SPEEDWHORE The Future Is Now

Speedwhore cover art

SPEEDWHORE “The Future Is Now”

Witches Brew

This is a total nightmare made of early 80’s speed/thrash metal tunes and rabid vocals. Coming from Munich, this band was formed in 2006 and seems like they’ve been very busy trying to remove all alcohol bottles from wine stores in the area since then. That’s a nice attitude.

All tracks have high doses of an interesting and well balanced hybrid of thrash metal and heavy metal, so, we are talking about people highly involved in both genres. Also, they have good taste in creating excellent guitar riffs and complex structures without sounding repetitive of pretentious. Vocalist Tim Kuntze did a quite good work adding thrash and hard core elements, and some sprinkles of good heavy metal, here and there. My favorite tune is “The future is now” which brings you a recall to 80’s heavy metal and features some high pitch screams ala Merciful Fate. This is a very well-conceived band that mixes distinctive elements from various genres, and I admit that the hybrid result sounds quite good. It’s highly recommended for those who worship complex and raw thrash metal. – Victor Varas

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